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Integrate CloudTalk with your external systems. With integrations, you can import and export contacts and regularly download the history of phone calls, orders, tickets, etc.

Once you integrate your business systems with CloudTalk, all available data and information are automatically and regularly synchronized through our API. With this feature, your employees will always have access to up-to-date information in all your systems used in customer interactions.

CloudTalk’s API enables you to:

  • Agent – add, edit, remove
  • Contact – add, edit, remove
  • Contact activity – add, edit, remove – e.g. orders, tickets, tasks, etc., based on your needs
  • Notes – add, edit, remove
  • Phone numbers – edit 
  • Call history – download all available information on past calls, including recordings

Our clients usually integrate their systems to:

Synchronize your data with custom API

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  • import contacts automatically
  • download call reports with call recordings
  • view campaign results
  • import contact activity
  • and much more 

You can also download raw unprocessed data related to your contacts, agents, calls, or campaigns and use them for further processing and analysis. Of course, this feature is provided directly in CloudTalk, so all relevant data can be found in a single system.

CloudTalk is an open-API system creating a wide scale of possibilities for one-way or two-way synchronization with many external systems.

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