Call Queuing

How Call Queuing Boosts Inbound Call Center Productivity

Create your own rules on how to distribute inbound calls. Call queuing offers a fully customizable way to steer calls to the right agents based on your business needs. Or, you can simply redirect the caller to a pre-recorded message.

You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

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How Does Call Queuing Work?

When all your agents are busy, CloudTalk automatically arranges all your incoming calls into queues, based on predefined rules. Then, the system distributes them to the next available agent within the queue.

Our call queuing software also makes sure that all calls are directed to the most qualified agent based on your unique business needs. It makes agents more efficient and customers happier.

What’s Unique About CloudTalk’s Call Queuing Feature?

Solve customer inquiries like a pro

With call queuing, you can sort calls by the unique skills of your agents. Distribute incoming calls based on product knowledge or spoken language so your clients always get the right service. For example, you can automatically route customers from Hispanic countries to your Spanish-speaking reps.

Call Monitoring

Monitor queue status in real time

You can monitor the current status of your queues – like the number of callers in the queue or average waiting time – and track it in your call center statistics in real time. This will help you make better decisions, reduce waiting time and optimize the caller experience.

VIP Preffered Agent small

Don’t let VIPs wait

Top-class customers deserve top-class care. With our call queuing software, you can prioritize their queries. Use our VIP queue feature – allow them to skip the line and connect to you before everyone else.

Improve waiting experience

Use personalized greetings or set custom music and messages with information on your company to improve on-hold experience. You can also create waiting time limits for your call queues. After a certain time, callers will be automatically transferred to voicemail, to a different call queue, or redirected to a specific phone number.

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Call Queuing Ring Strategies

Within the call queue, you can choose 4 ways of call distribution:

Call Queuing

Round Robin strategy

An inbound call rings to the first agent in the queue, then to the second one, and so on. This way, all agents handle more or less the same number of calls on average.

Call Queuing

Ring All strategy

Every incoming call rings to every agent at the same time and the caller is connected to whoever picks up the phone first.

Call Queuing

Ring strategy based on the lowest number of calls

An inbound call is directed to the agent with the lowest number of handled calls at that moment.

Call Queuing

Random strategy

An inbound call rings randomly to any of the agents.

Tools You Need to Make the Most Out of Call Queuing

Business Hours small

Create your own business schedule and decide about personalized “if – then” scenarios. Thus, determine what happens when the caller calls you inside or outside of business hours.

Perosnalized Greetings

Set up pre-recorded greetings with Call Flow Designer. Greetings comfort your callers and let them know that they have called the right number.

ACD small

Set up a call center ACD.

Skill Based Routing small

Decide on customized routing that fits your needs with different kinds of personalized routing options, such as skill-based routing.


What is a call queue?

Call queuing tool routes inbound calls into one or more virtual queues. The main purpose is to avoid drop calls when all of your agents are busy. With call queuing, customers know that they’ll get assistance as soon as the line becomes available.

What does invisible queue mean in a call center?

An invisible queue means that callers are unaware of what’s happening while they’re queuing. Due to that, they don’t know how long they’ll have to wait. This can make customers unhappy and irritated. You can avoid it. Simply employ messages that announce the position in line and the estimated waiting time.

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