15. October 2018 Blog

5 reasons why clients will love you
– Part 1

5 reasons why clients will love you – Part 1

The key to long-term success of any business is building trust and establishing strong relationships with customers. Building trust = increased customer loyalty = increased sales. However, very often many companies create barriers that put customers off.

What barriers, you ask? Maybe there are barriers between you and your clients and you don’t even realize they exist. 

Assuming that your products and services are absolutely perfect, what can you do to build long-term relations with clients and attract new ones? 

We’ve compiled the top five reasons why your customers will love you because there will be no barriers between them and your business. 


62 % customers feel that despite their loyalty, brands haven’t done enough to reward them

Solution: If you don’t take care of your clients, you will lose them. Discount coupons or sale offers for loyal customers are a great opportunity to show clients that you appreciate their loyalty. It’s also very important to think about new clients – give them a 10% discount for their first purchase if they sign up to your newsletter. 


91 % appreciate transparent information

Solution: Clients should be informed in advance (i.e. before the purchase process starts) of the possible payment methods, shipping conditions, return policy, replacement policy, etc. Be honest and let them know if your handling times are longer than usual.

3. FAQ

90 % clients want to have the opportunity to solve their problem on their own

Solution: Customer support starts on the website – clients will first look for information online, only then they will call you or write an email. That’s why you should always have your FAQ section updated and within easy reach.


75 % clients can’t reach a live agent even on the second attempt

Solution: CloudTalk allows you to decrease agents’ idle times between phone calls. In addition, agents can introduce notes directly into the system during the call, so they don’t need additional time after the call ends and can immediately contact the next customer in line.


42 % clients switch to a competitor because of rude and unhelpful agents

Solution: Organize agent trainings focused on customer support etiquette – rules to follow when speaking to clients and phrases to avoid. For more information on customer support etiquette, please read our article How to communicate with customers? We’re here to help.