9. July 2019 Blog

Call Center for Sales Companies

Forget manual dialing and searching for data in multiple systems. Business phone system like CloudTalk will help you boost your outbound call center’s productivity, allowing you to save time and increase your profits.

CloudTalk will help you grow your business

Create a database of contacts and search for potential leads based on your preferred criteria. If your sales representatives need to look for information on contacts or calls, they don’t have to waste time browsing through several databases. Everything is within easy reach in CloudTalk.

CloudTalk’s interface is intuitive and very easy to use. It also synchronizes your data in real time from various devices you use. Cloud-based phone system is a scalable solution for outbound call centers that will perfectly adapt to your needs and help your business grow. 

The key to call center success is to simplify processes and use time efficiently. Power Dialer feature will help you make more calls and enable your sales reps to dedicate more time to the closing of leads. Apart from Power Dialer, you can use many different features such as:

  • Click-to-Call that will make manual dialing a thing of the past
  • Predictive Dialer helps you increase efficiency and the number of outbound calls. Once a sales rep is available, CloudTalk will automatically dial the next phone number in line

Simple integrations with CRM systems like Pipedrive or Salesforce allow your reps to fully concentrate on customer conversations.

Get comprehensive sales reports

Collect customer data to measure sales rep performance and productivity. When creating business strategies, you can rely on CloudTalk’s detailed statistics and analyses.