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6 steps to build e-commerce technical support team

During busy periods of time such as Black Friday or Christmas season strong support team may appear very precious. Do […]

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Work From Your Dream Destination

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Affiliate marketing for SaaS – why should you use it in your business?

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image banned

How to Establish a Call Center Blacklist for Better Support

Spam calls are the plague of all businesses, especially call centers. Why should you think about blacklisting those, and how […]

Sales objections

8 most common sales objections & how to handle them

Dealing with sales objections is one of the hardest parts of a salesperson’s job. How can you prepare for them? […]

3 best Aircall alternatives to consider

3 Best Talkdesk Alternatives To Consider

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A to Z of call center terminology

Language is such a vivid construct, which it’s evolving almost every day. New words enter into our daily conversations imperceptibly […]


How Much Does Call Center Software Cost?

Dedicated tech tools are often associated with substantial investments. It’s not always the case, though. When it comes to modern […]

Call agents

What are the key functions of a call center?

Call centres, in general, are perceived as departments reserved for larger companies. Of course, this domain was popularized thanks to […]