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Smart Call Center Solutions: Guide to Features for PBX

Powerful call center software features are exactly what distinguishes virtual call centers from traditional business phone systems and landlines. But, […]


Pre-call planning template for sales teams

Did you know that it takes 18 calls on average to actually connect with a buyer? In such circumstances, there’s […]

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Call center outsourcing: Guide to Pros, Cons & Best Timing

The service sector has grown exponentially in recent years. High-quality customer care is a key factor in helping businesses retain […]

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Complete Call Center Software Buyer’s Guide

Are you considering switching to another call center software provider? Or maybe you’re just getting started, and implementing a cloud […]

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Contact center vs call center: Learn 8 key differences

The terms ‘contact center’ and ‘call center’ are often used interchangeably – but the truth is, these terms don’t actually […]

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9 Quick phone hacks for sales reps to crush quota

There’s no doubt that the effectiveness of the sales team affects the overall performance of any business. Improving it, therefore, […]

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How to align marketing and sales teams

It might be tough to pinpoint the exact reason, but the misalignment between sales and marketing is more common than […]

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7 ways to improve e-commerce support

Customer support is one of the crucial factors when it comes to choosing an online store. Find out how to […]


Customer retention: 5 tips to increase loyalty

If you run a business or are in charge of any important process within the company, you probably have a […]


The importance of data-driven decisions in sales & customer service

Recently we can hear and read a lot about “big data”. Although it might seem like only a buzzword, the […]