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PBX vs. VoIP: what are the differences?

PBX vs. VoIP: What are the Differences?

PBX or VoIP, which should you choose for your office? Read on to find out what makes the systems different. […]


Best CloudTalk call center integrations to choose from

Nowadays, companies use many tools for different business purposes. In their essence, software should automate processes, gather data, and help […]

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7 reasons why phone call numbers are still a necessity for your business

Think that in those digital times, phone calls should belong obsolete? Here are seven reasons why a phone call number […]

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Business VOIP phone system: All you need to know

Business VoIP phone system is a powerful solution that takes advantage of the Internet (instead of a landline connection), to […]

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5 Reasons To Switch To Cloud Phone System

Are you tired of boring and old-fashioned call centre software? Do you believe that your sales or customer support team […]

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Benefits of Business Phone System (PBX)

CloudTalk is a tailor-made solution for businesses of any size. All your departments, branches, extensions and employees can be interconnected […]

8 benefits of transferring your contact center to the cloud

8 benefits of transferring your contact center to the cloud

Companies all around the world have been investing in popular call center software solutions, allowing them to provide better customer […]

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Start using VoIP telephony in your business

VoIP telephony reduces your business costs – it does not require any complex installation processes and maintenance and it allows […]

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What is IP Telephony (Internet Protocol Telephony)?

Traditional phone systems, such as landlines, mobile phones or smartphones, allow us to communicate at a distance. So does IP […]

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Meet our IP Cloud PBX

Regardless of the size or industry of your business, our IP Cloud PBX is a contact center system for any […]