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How Does a VOIP Work?

Forget about phone cables, handsets, and circuits. Thanks to VoIP technology, you can make calls whenever and wherever you want, […]

illustration VoIP phone extension SHARE

What is a VoIP Phone Extension and How does it Work?

As your company grows, you’ll start to employ more people. Usually, that’s a great thing. But when you start having […]

illustration SIP trunking SHARE

What is SIP Trunking and what does it mean for VoIP?

VoIP, call forwarding, call flow designer, IVR, ACW, and more are just some of the terms you might spot when […]

Illustration VoIP platforms

The 6 best VOIP platforms to test in 2022

Which of the many available VoIP platforms to pick in 2022? Read our comparison of 6 platforms worth trying out […]

illustration how to get a VoIP number guide SHARE

How to Get a VoIP Number – Complete Guide [2022]

A VoIP phone number is no longer a luxury for established corporations. In recent years it has become an affordable […]

illustration cheap VoIP solutions SHARE

Can a cheap VoIP service be good? Here’s our verdict

As the saying goes, what is good isn’t cheap and what is cheap isn’t good. In the case of VoIP, […]

illustration VoIP system for small businesses SHARE

How to Choose a VoIP Phone System for Small Business: Features to Look out For

By the end of 2025, the UK is to switch off all functionality for analog phone lines. While it means […]

illustration what is a VoIP number

What is a VoIP Number – The Ultimate Guide

What is a VoIP number? How does it work? What are the pros and cons of a VoIP phone number? […]

Most common VOIP problems

8 Most Common VoIP Problems and How to Fix Them

VoIP systems offer countless advantages, compared to traditional hardware call center solutions. It significantly reduces costs, offers advanced features, and […]

illustration Improve Outbound Calls Strategy

7 Ways To Improve Your Outbound Calls Strategy

For many companies, outbound calls are the primary means through which agents communicate with clients. It’s important, then, to develop […]