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Illustration VoIP vs landline

VoIP vs Landline: Which is Better for Small Business?

Landline phones are pretty much on the verge of extinction. In 2004, over 90% of American households had a landline. […]

illustration common VoIP security risks

5 common VoIP security risks that might threaten your business

Voice over Internet Protocol is undoubtedly the future of business communication. While previously there may have been concerns about the […]

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How VoIP reduces costs and boosts ROI in Small Businesses

With the coronavirus pandemic still posing a major threat in most parts of the World, businesses in all industries are […]

photo business VOIP phone system

Business VOIP phone system: All you need to know

Business VoIP phone system is a powerful solution that takes advantage of the Internet (instead of a landline connection), to […]

VoIP telephony

Start using VoIP telephony in your business

VoIP telephony reduces your business costs – it does not require any complex installation processes and maintenance and it allows […]

IP telephony

What is IP Telephony (Internet Protocol Telephony)?

Traditional phone systems, such as landlines, mobile phones or smartphones, allow us to communicate at a distance. So does IP […]