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Illustration first call resolution

10 Effective Customer Service Techniques that Will Make Customers Love You

You can have the greatest product on the market. If your customer service isn’t good, you will start losing clients. […]

Customer Service Philosophy

How to develop a great customer service philosophy

The more a company grows, the greater the need becomes to have a defined set of protocols, procedures and, yes, […]

illustration magnifying glass

What is a Deal Desk and How it Can Drive Sales Efficiency

The B2B industry is getting more and more complex. Intense negotiations with many stakeholders at once may become overwhelming. But […]

illustration personalised customer support

8 Ways to provide better, more personalized customer service

The term customer experience encapsulates the whole of a customer’s interaction with your business. It’s made up of your website’s […]

Customer Perceived Value

How to Master Customer Perceived Value (CPV)

The perception of value is as important as the value itself. That is why CPV is the core of any […]

Most common customer service mistakes

The Most Common Mistakes In Customer Service And How To Fix Them

Customer service is a term that describes the help a company offers to its clients before, during, and after they […]


Auto Attendant: How to Use Them to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Considering how many options people have nowadays to contact businesses, it might feel like there’s not much need for phone […]

Illustration first call resolution

Why is it important to use phones for Customer Support?

Customer service is an essential aspect of the user experience. Due to the growing expectations of your clients, you should […]

Illustration customers complaints

8 steps on how to deal with customer’s complaints over the phone

Dealing with customer’s complaints is one of the toughest but also most important tasks of a support agent, so it’s […]

Customer support quality quiz

Is your support nailing it? Take this quiz and find out

Support teams are invaluable to every call center. They need good guidance to work at the best level. Evaluation of […]