22. April 2020 Blog

CloudTalk Insider: What’s new for April?

Searching for new ways to improve your team productivity while working remotely? We're happy to announce new improvements that will help you work efficiently. Read on!

LiveAgent + CloudTalk Integration

Great news! We introduced an update to the LiveAgent + CloudTalk integration to streamline your customer support initiatives with phone calls being synchronized (2-ways) and logged automatically. 

HOT: Click To Call Extension Update 

We've upgraded our Click-To-Call Extension so you don't need to confirm opening CloudTalk App every time you dial a number. For maximal efficiency.

We also suggest combining it with a new CloudTalk Desktop App setting "Automatically dial CloudTalk Extension Numbers", thanks to which, the numbers pasted via the extension are automatically dialled from the phone. There is now literally a single click between locating the number on a website and being on a call. 

Group Sounds are now customizable

Our new update allows you to customize the group waiting sound and also allows you to define a custom periodic announcement in the Group Settings.

  • Waiting message is basically the recording that callers hear when they are waiting on the line. From now, you can change the default music for the recording you like, or you can use a predefined one.
  • The periodic announcement is a recording that is played to callers waiting in a queue at regular intervals. For example “Thank you for holding, your call is important to us”. The message is usually played approximately every 40-60 seconds.

Enough of technicalities, let’s see what’s new on the blog!

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