7. August 2019 Blog

CloudTalk Insider: What’s new for August?

August is here and so are multiple improvements at CloudTalk! During the past 2 months, we introduced several new features and integrations. Check out all the updates below.

Hubspot + CloudTalk Integration

Connect CloudTalk with Hubspot and initiate calls from Hubspot with a single click. All calls will be synced and tracked with additional information available.

Shopify + CloudTalk Integration

We’ve created a simple and powerful integration for Shopify store owners to access CloudTalk’s phone solution in their Shopify stores easily. Both outbound and inbound calling are supported. See our Shopify integration page for more info.

Phone Redesign

What do Uber, Asana and Slack have in common? Great user experience. We understand that great UX is a backbone of most successful SaaS companies, therefore we invest a lot of resources into improving the usability of CloudTalk.


We are now proudly presenting a revamped CloudTalk desktop phone app with the fresh new design. You can enjoy new build-in features or buttons, which will connect CloudTalk Phone with 3rd party software with a single click.

Stay tuned, more UI & UX updates are on the way in Q3.

New Feature - Multiple Contacts

In some companies, multiple people use the same phone number, resulting in you having several contacts with the same phone number. When receiving a call from such phone number, with the new feature "Multiple contacts", you can decide whom to (which of your multiple contacts) will CloudTalk log the call with all its details.

If you don't have any contact assigned to that specific phone number, you can easily assign any existing contact to that number during or after the call.

New team members in Cloudtalk

We are very happy to announce that 6 new team members joined CloudTalk and will help us with IT development, sales and marketing. Welcome on board!