21. August 2020 Blog

CloudTalk Insider: What’s new for August?

August is here and so are multiple improvements at CloudTalk! Let’s dig in to see what’s new. Are you curious about what did happen in CloudTalk during the last month?

The Japanese are doing holidays abroad a little differently this year. Using virtual reality (VR) devices, they’re travelling across the globe without ever leaving Japan. How great is that? We can probably all agree that big ideas move the world. And the opportunity is everywhere. 

That’s exactly why, here at CloudTalk, we’re working hard to innovate the telco field. Join us in looking over our progress with building a next-gen phone software CloudTalk. 

Extending our country coverage

Exciting news, especially for businesses operating in multiple markets. We’ve extended our country coverage! As of now, you can get phone numbers from more than 140 countries and can start making phone calls in just a few minutes.

Onpipeline + CloudTalk integration 

Connect CloudTalk with Onpipeline CRM and add call center functionality to your business CRM. CloudTalk offers local phone numbers (140+ countries), integration with 25+ popular tools (including Onpipeline CRM), and 50+ advanced call center features. 

Call Flow Designer - Go To 

A new step in the Call Flow Designer feature, Go To allows you to reuse the existing parts of the call flow. Thanks to this feature, you can copy-paste a step within a call flow, or even in a different call flow (connected to a different phone number).

External Warm Transfer

So far, you’ve been able to warm transfer calls only to your fellow agents. But starting now, the External Warm Transfer feature allows you to transfer calls outside of your CloudTalk account (to an external number). When warm transferring the call, you talk to the “transferee” first, and then you decide whether you want to transfer the call or not. 

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