20. January 2020 Blog

CloudTalk Insider: What’s new for January?

Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always. To keep you updated, we’ve put together some fresh updates from CloudTalk’s dev kitchen.

The long-awaited Call Flow Designer is here

Call Flow Designer lets you visually set up different phone trees and IVRs to route and manage calls accurately. You can create scenarios according to your business needs, for instance, to redirect your customer to the most appropriate agent or department, sent to a new IVR or voicemail. The best of all - Call Flow Designer is now available to all our customers!  

Zendesk Sell + CloudTalk Integration

Great news! We introduced the Zendesk Sell integration to help your team make phone communication more effective and personalized. You can save a lot of time with 2-ways data sync and automatic call logging. Moreover, you can handle your calls directly from Zendesk Sell.

Multilingual Phone App

As phone software CloudTalk is used by customers all over the world, our Phone is now available in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Slovak, Czech - more languages are coming soon). Learn more about that in this article. 

Blogpost Of the Month

The Most Comprehensive Comparison of CRM Software for 2020

CRM is often referred to as an absolute essential for every sales team out there. Equip your sales team with the best CRM system and unlock its full potential in 2020. Here is a list of top CRM systems. 

How to automate your sales process

There’s no doubt that automation changes the way we work. In the case of sales, it can truly work wonders. This is mostly because the daily life of a sales agent revolves around a variety of tasks - which are all important, yet take a lot of time if done manually. Learn how to automate everyday sales activities in your business.

New team members in Cloudtalk

We are very happy to announce that we 3 highly-skilled individuals join our team. They are going to help us with sales, customer success and IT. Welcome on board!