10. July 2020 Blog

CloudTalk Insider: What’s new for July?

In July’s CloudTalk Insider we share what’s changed and improved in CloudTalk in the last month. As usual, our product and dev team have made hundreds of improvements like improving the stability of the app, increasing call quality and fixing minor issues.

We’ve also introduced Raise the hand functionality, VIP Queues for better queue management and Speech to text has been improved. Also, for all fans of automation and 3rd party integrations, CloudTalk’s Zapier App is now in public Beta in the Zapier App store

Zapier + CloudTalk integration 

Zapier acts as a connector between CloudTalk and more than 1500 applications. It lets you initiate calls, send notifications, update contact details and offers hundreds of other possibilities. By connecting CloudTalk with Zapier, you can easily automate your daily workflows. 

Get an invitation to join the agent’s call (part of the Call Monitoring feature)

When an agent needs help urgently, the new version of the call monitoring will enable him to invite someone from supervisors directly to the call. After the available one is chosen by the agent, the supervisor's phone starts to ring.

VIP queues

Make your VIP customers feel special when trying to connect your contact center. When using the VIP queue, you always give the priority to the customers which matter the most to your business.

Speech to text

You will love this feature! CloudTalk speech to text feature helps you convert your calls into text format, so you can search in your past interactions quickly and with ease. 

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