17. June 2020 Blog

CloudTalk Insider: What’s new for June?

Even though we got used to working from home, we are slowly moving back to our offices. There are plenty of things, we were missing when working from home - for instance - comfy office chairs, great coffee and our lovely colleagues.

When being there again, don’t forget to find time to enjoy all these little things :) and if you already did, take a look at the great features we released recently. 

Call Monitoring

Easily monitor agent performance and ensure that your company quality standards are being met. Call monitoring feature allows you to choose the most suitable way of monitoring your agents:

  • Listen to the call without interrupting your agent/caller,
  • Whisper additional information to the agent if needed,
  • Drop-in on live calls to interact with both the caller and the agent. 

Desktop Phone Enhancements

In order to simplify your life, we released several enhancements in the CloudTalk phone app.

  • Autopickups of inbound and outbound calls - This enhancement reduces time to pick up & minimize clicks.
  • Bringing the app to the foreground when ringing - Make it super easy to locate the phone that’s ringing.
  • Time in "destination country" - This feature help agent see the current time in the country he is calling to.

Status Change - Setting your availability

Using a status change feature is a helpful way to show your entire team whether or not you are free to take a call. From now, your agents will be able to change the status in the CloudTalk phone app as well. Furthermore, they can customize the status according to their needs - for instance - “lunch break”. 

Buyer's guide for Call Center Software in 2020

To provide excellent customer experience, choosing the best call center software in your contact center or call center is necessary. That’s why we put together a downloadable step-by-step guide on how to choose the best call center software in 2020.