29. November 2019 Blog

CloudTalk Insider: What’s new for November?

Are you overflowing with Black Friday deals? Well, here’s a blog post without a special promo :) The CloudTalk team is happy to introduce new features and improvements that we've worked on over the past month.

Zoho + CloudTalk Integration

In November, we introduced a new CloudTalk + Zoho integration that syncs your contacts automatically and let you make outbound calls easily with click-to-call. Learn more about this integration here

Trending Features

Emotion analytics

Nowadays, emotion analytics is one of the top trends in data collection. This feature can be an effective tool for supervisors to give relevant feedback and make new suggestions to enhance workflows. Learn more about this feature in our article. 


This feature ensures that every unanswered phone call is handled. If there is a missed call registered, CloudTalk will later dial the customer’s number until the agent and the customer gets successfully in touch.

Conference Call Software

CloudTalk lets you schedule conference calls where you can invite your external partners, employees, clients, suppliers or anyone else. Learn more about this useful feature here

Pick Of the Month

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