16. October 2019 Blog

CloudTalk Insider: What’s new for October?

Searching for new ways to improve your team productivity? We're happy to announce new improvements that we've worked on over the past month.

Zapier + CloudTalk Integration

In September, we introduced a new Zapier integration that lets you connect CloudTalk with more than 1500 tools. Zapier has been heavily requested and we are super happy to launch it. Too good to be true? Learn more about the CloudTalk + Zapier integration here.  

New Features

Warm Transfer

Warm Transfer allows you to easily transfer callers over to other agents with having the possibility to speak with them first.  

Mandatory Tagging

CloudTalk offers the option to force your agents to add tags after a call is finished. You can set up call tagging based on:

1.) Company,

2.) Number,

3.) Agent 

Smart Dialer

CloudTalk's flagship feature Smart dialer automatically compiles a list of numbers and lets you automatically call through them with a single click. 

Smart detection of resolved missed calls

Learn which of your missed calls were and were not resolved by your agents thanks to the Smart detection feature. 


September’s most-read blog post: Hubspot CRM - 8 Best Integrations To Increase Sales In Your Company

Searching for ways to boost your sales? This blog post focus on the top Hubspot CRM integrations, which will help your sales team to increase sales results.

New team members in Cloudtalk

We are very happy to announce that we 4 highly-skilled individuals join our team. They are going to help us with sales and customer success. Welcome on board!