cloudTALKS with Esme: “You are not just a number, you’re a CloudTalker.”
By Barbora Přidalová
| 14. March 2023 |
cloudTALKS, People
By B. PřidalováBarbora Přidalová
| 14 Mar 2023 |
cloudTALKS, People
    By B. PřidalováBarbora Přidalová
    | 14 Mar 2023
    cloudTALKS, People

    cloudTALKS with Esme: “You are not just a number, you’re a CloudTalker.”

    CloudTalks with Esme Fegan

    #1: Nicknamed the Queen of Malaga…

    Hi Esme! You’re nicknamed the Queen of Malaga. Why is that? 

    Well, a queen is known for being part of a community in some sort of leadership capacity, and I pride myself on taking the lead when it comes to bringing people together, no matter where I am or who I’m with. It’s what drives me, and Malaga is an absolutely fantastic place to do just that!  

    I’m originally from Wales but relocated to Malaga, Spain, 10 years ago. Nicer weather, a new horizon, and a sense of culture was an important factor. I didn’t know anyone when I first moved to Malaga, but since my passion has always been connecting people and organizing events, I felt that this happened in a very organic and genuine way, and still does! 

    I was super excited when I knew that my first task at CloudTalk would be to find a new office in a vibrant location in the heart of Malaga – that had to suit the vibrant, diverse culture at CloudTalk. Setting this up from the ground up was such a rewarding project. 

    #2: Starting from the Bottom Up…

    It’s been a year since you’ve been at CloudTalk. Congratulations, by the way! 🙂 But tell us about your beginnings and why did you decide to take the Office Operations Assistant position even though you had senior-level experiences?

    Yes, I remember having an interview with Klaudia, our VP of People, and she said, “Esme, I can’t understand why you applied for an entry-level job when you had been working as an Office Manager for years, won’t you be bored?”. I explained that I love understanding how a company runs from the bottom up. I am someone who is happy to grow with a company but to do that, I first need to understand the foundation that it is built.

    In my previous job, I worked as a Sales & Marketing Manager for a family-run startup and then later took on a Centre Manager role. This encompassed lots of responsibilities and very much allowed me to thrive in a role that involved wearing many hats and developing my professional skills further. But, onwards and upwards. I needed to be somewhere with a more global reach and within an organization that embraces and prioritizes development and growth. 

    Ladies from the Ops team

    I believe that to grow and have an impact on the development and success of a startup, you first have to see the bigger picture of an organization, understand its vision and mission, and then work out where you fit and can have the most impact. 

    I’ve never worked for a Tech company before, so joining CloudTalk was very much a new and exciting venture for me. Starting in Office Operations gave me excellent insight into the company culture and helped me understand how we meet clients’ needs. Furthermore, I gained confidence in the world of startups and what the tech industry is about, what our product was, and how we move forward as a global collective on a daily basis. 

    #3: Leading with Passion…

    You’ve been promoted recently to Lead Office Operations & Events. Congratulations again!

    Thank you! I could not be happier with a role that allows me to join my 3 passions in life; connecting people, running events, and the joy of organization! Radka and Katka, my colleagues from the Office Operations & Events team, were so supportive and said that the beauty of my leading the team was that I fully understood their roles, responsibilities, and their challenges, so they felt in good hands. I could not ask for a better team to be working with, and I feel so proud to be able to call them friends. We may be based in 3 different countries, but even on tough days, they always know how to put a smile on my face. They are my office & events angels!

    #4: Making an Impact…

    What is your driving force behind doing all of that?

    CloudTalk’s success. When I had my interview, I knew I was going to be a part of something where I could have an impact. When you join a startup, you become an advocate for the company and its culture. I had no interest in joining a big corporation and becoming just another number. I was ready to be me, Esme..the CloudTalker!

    The second I joined, I noticed the energy and the drive that everybody had, it was electric and something very unique. It suited me perfectly!

    #5: Being a Pivotal Part of CloudTalk’s Journey…

    And what is that culture for you at CloudTalk?

    You are not just a number, you’re CloudTalker. You are part of the journey. You are pivotal to future success. You have the feeling of togetherness. It’s the human touch that we focus on in our values that I love the most, and it’s something that you can’t buy. I have never felt this in any other job.

    #6: Embracing Diversity and Building a Community…

    If you had to summarize what you love most about working here, what would it be?

    What I love the most is diversity. Within the Office Operations & Events team, we focus on building meaningful relationships, fostering a positive company culture, and creating an exciting community that allows others to thrive. Another part of our role is to review and improve employee benefits. We also organize company-wide events (in-person and online) to further connect our hybrid teams. I thrive in a multi-faceted role within a fast-paced environment – so I could not be happier.

    #7: The Surprising Side of Esme…

    Is there anything about you that people don’t know which might be surprising?

    Well, I used to be a registered gas engineer. What can I say – I love a challenge in life. 😀 

    Wow, even I am surprised by this. So, if I have some gas problems at home, can I give you a call? 😀

    Yes, but if I come to your house, I hope it’s not to deal with gas issues but rather to have a catch-up over a glass of prosecco. 🙂