27. April 2018 Blog

Do you know what IP telephony means and how it works?

CloudTalk - call center - IP telephony for a more efficient communication with customers

Traditional phone systems (landlines, mobile phones, smartphones) allow us to communicate at distance. IP (Internet Protocol) telephony also enables such form of communication, however, instead of using regular analog transfer through a regular telephone line, voice is converted into digital information and delivered over the Internet.

IP telephony is a general term for the technologies that use "internet protocols" to transmit digital signals over the Internet to enable telephone communication. But what does it actually mean to transmit voice signals digitally over the Internet? The protocol defines how signal should travel over the network and, similarly to HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), it defines how data is to be transmitted, formatted and displayed in web servers and web browsers.

IP telephony does not require any hardware and thus no regular maintenance. All you need is internet connection and a one-time download of an app (through which you make phone calls) into your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

Just imagine Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Google Voice, WhatsApp - these are just some of the apps that use IP telephony to allow you to make calls for free over the Internet. People use these apps all over the world to communicate with friends and family members. Businesses of all sizes operating in many industries can use call center software which is no longer a privilege of large call centers. They also use IP telephony technology to enable communication with clients. 

What’s the difference between VoIP and IP telephony?

IP telephony is a simple way of transforming analogue signal into a digital one. It’s an overall concept standing behind all telephone systems. VoIP is a transport vehicle of digital voice signals. IP telephony and VoIP work together – they offer cheap or free calls and add more features to telephone communications.  IP Cloud PBX is an implementation of the IP telephony concept and VoIP.  

Benefits of IP telephony

  • By using IP telephony technology instead of traditional phone systems, companies can use Internet connection to make phone calls with customers. This technology assists businesses in lowering of operational costs and phone call costs. 
  • IP telephony means an advance in telecommunications systems, as it allows for the convergence of various systems into one. By leveraging IP telephony, you can combine data from your  data from your CRM, e-commerce, helpdesk and accounting solutions in a single unified system, i.e. call center software . Integrations create the potential for increased employee productivity and improved communication with your clients.

IP telephony is becoming an increasingly popular telecommunication technology frequently replacing traditional telephone systems.