30. April 2019 Blog

How to Get Customers To Really Like You

Would you like to build customer relationships that are resistant to competitors’ promo sales? Here are 8 simple tips that will convince your clients that you really care about them.

1.    Listen actively.

Pay attention to what your clients have to say and don’t forget about your employees either. If clients tend to complain about the delivery company you use or they would like to see more vegan products in your offer, it’s time for a change. Are your agents constantly loaded with work unable to handle all customer calls? Don’t let them burn out and expand your agent team.

2.    Monitor customer interactions and treat each interaction as part of fostering customer relationships.  

Collect and analyze relevant customer data to understand their shopping habits and provide them with tailor-made offers. To create efficient customized offers, carefully identify the characteristics of your target group of clients.

3.    Use metrics and define your KPIs.

There are a few things that will give you more information about your call center’s performance than metrics. You’ll discover what areas should be improved. If you’re interested in improving your call center core metrics, just read our article.

4.    Find out what boosts customer loyalty and implement the right tools.

 Do your customers like collecting loyalty stamps to get a free product (coffee beans from Ecuador, whitening toothpaste, colorful socks, rose-scented moisturizer…) or do they prefer exclusive discount codes? Find out what strategy motivates your customers and stick to it. Don’t be afraid to try a combination of several methods – your clients will definitely appreciate getting a free mug or tea AND a discount code sent to their e-mail for every fifth purchase they make from you.

5.    Be transparent.

No hidden commitments, fees or conditions. Treat your customers as partners, not like soulless tools to generate profit. Be honest – what would your business look like if you didn’t have (as many) customers?

6.    Ask customers for feedback and let all employees have access to the results.

Maybe you’re convinced that your customers are always satisfied, and maybe it’s true. Unless it’s not. That’s why you should ask them what you can do better. Maybe you’ll find out that customers are not as stressed about prolonged delivery times as you thought, but they may not like your business hours. Or angry agents. Or both.

7.    Motivate your employees and reward them regularly.

Happy employees mean happy customers. Invest in employee training, support their development and career growth – don’t forget to thank them and reward them so that they know that you don’t care only about your customers.

8.    Don’t avoid face-to-face meetings with clients.

Your relationships will be more personal and better.

By applying these tips, you will effectively turn your business into a more customer-oriented one, which will reflect on increased customer satisfaction and overall results of your business.