12. November 2018 Blog

How to increase customer loyalty

How to increase customer loyalty

Not all satisfied customers are necessarily loyal. Learn how to build customer loyalty and keep your e-commerce revenue flowing.

Many people think that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are the same thing, but that’s not true. Even happy customers sometimes move on to your competitors, for example for a better price. Let’s look at some practical steps how to earn your clients’ trust and loyalty.

1. Make customer service your priority

If you want loyal customers, your number one priority should be outstanding customer service. Research has shown that 76% of consumers believe that a company’s customer service reflects how much they value customers. There are many tools that can help you improve customer experience and boost loyalty, for example CRM, helpdesk or call center software.

2. Train your staff

Human touch always counts. Train your customer support agents to be friendly, polite and address customers by their name – these are simple steps that improve customer loyalty. Agents should also be able to solve customer queries quickly – even on social media.

3. Know your customer and anticipate his needs

It’s all about knowing your customers – who they are, which products they bought from you and what issues they might have faced during shopping. There are various CRM systems you can use to store customer information. You can even integrate them with call center software to provide excellent customer service. With a history of customer interactions, orders or calls in one place, your agents can also predict which of your products will best suit the caller’s needs. 

4. Make the relationship with customers more personal

Interacting with customers only when you want them to buy something is not the ideal level of engagement. The idea is to connect with clients regularly and broaden your relationship. For example, good call center software allows you to enter personalized notes into the real-time customer card. This allows your agents to adjust their communication next time they interact with the client.

Make every customer feel that they are important for you and they’ll want to do business with you again and again.

5. Reward loyalty

One of the best ways to keep customers coming back and spread the word about your business is to reward their loyalty. For example, you can give returning clients discounts, gifts or send them links to helpful articles on your blog. After all, they can spend their money anywhere, but they’ve chosen you. That deserves a reward, right?

6. Make customers’ life easier 

Think about how you can make your customer’s life simpler, for example by enabling various payment methods or answering questions via social media. If you run a call center, you could consider using an IVR menu. Make things more direct and easy – loyalty will follow.

7. Ask for advice… and listen to it!

Accepting customer feedback is an important determinant of customer loyalty. Being able to identify potential issues early will prevent clients from leaving for competitors. If customers complain about long waiting times in your call center, for example, use call center software that allows you to call them back when there are too many callers in the queue. 

Returning shoppers are critical to any store’s success.

Remember, loyal customers spend more money, visit your e-shop more often and spread the word. By implementing these 7 steps, you’ll be well on your way to improving customer retention and leverage all the benefits that come with it.