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How to Improve the Sales

How to Improve the Sales

The sales team's performance has a profound impact on profits and makes your team a success. Although in today's world, you need to have sharp elbows and do more than your competition, it’s not impossible! Look at a few ways to strengthen your sales team and increase your sales performance.

Before you let go, do not forget that you will not do anything unless you have the right leader. Business managers inspire the sales team to improve and grow. Successful leaders motivate their people! They support innovation and productivity. They provide their staff with the resources they need, including training and other tools that will help them to develop. Without a solid management team, you cannot improve your sales performance, so make sure your leaders meet your goals.

Ways to Achieve Higher Profits:

1. Clarify what your goals are

Start by understanding the store. What are you doing? What should your results be? Make sure you have a clear company vision. Split the mission of the company into concrete goals. Write down the goals you want to achieve and with what deadlines. This will allow you to measure progress and track your goals carefully. If necessary, you can increase your activity and measure results. Objectives focus your attention and activate your work.

2. Create a sales plan

Even if you have a set turnover for a certain year, that is not enough! A sales plan will help you get closer to your goal. It summarizes all short and long-term goals, sales process, strategy and sales tactics. Many businesses do not have a plan, which is a big mistake. Without a plan, they do not know what key elements to implement to sell, to be effective and to achieve their goals.

An effective sales plan improves sales performance in many ways:

  • With a plan, you can consult ideas with your sales representatives on how to improve the plan.
  • Align the plan with your salesperson to focus on achieving goals.
  • Define clear steps you can follow every week to make sure you make your sales effective.

If you have a sales plan, check it out again to make sure it covers all the key aspects that will bring you closer to the goal.

3. Build customer relationships with CRM

The company's value is not only its revenue but also its customers. Building customer relationships is a complex process. There are tools that can help you –  CRM systems that serve to create and strengthen customer relationships. These are information systems that process customer engagement data. They are linked to other company systems - accounting, marketing, and more. In CRM, you'll find all of the information, including goods or services that your client has purchased, how often he purchases from you, what the complaints are, how invoices are paid, etc.

You can choose a CRM system from several suppliers or you can have it tailor-made. The largest supplier of such systems is LogicaCMG, which has implemented large customer projects.

The price of a CRM system varies depending on the modules that are included in it. If you need more features, such as billing, event logging, order management, attendance system, etc., you will pay a monthly fee starting from €14.99. While some CRM systems can be customized, expect higher development and maintenance costs. Programming a CRM system tailored to your needs can cost you more than 500 euros.

With CRM, you will get more transparency insight and customers will be more satisfied.

4. Use sales metrics

Sales metrics help you measure all aspects of sales performance so you can identify areas that need improvement. These are ways and means of measurement that represent the state of a particular system, its quality and efficiency. Different indicators are used to define and achieve goals.

If you have the right sales metrics, you will improve sales in a number of ways, but it will help you in particular:

  • Monitor your progress in achieving the goals of your sales plan.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team. You can concentrate your team on areas where things should be improved, which leads to increased sales.

The introduction of sales metrics is necessary to manage sales performance. You can use quantitative or qualitative metrics. One example is benchmarking, a method based on systematic measurement and comparison of selected indicators and key performance indicators (KPIs) that express the required performance, quality, efficiency or cost-effectiveness.

5. Focus on more effective business meetings

Although most small businesses have regular weekly business meetings, many do not focus on important topics, including how to improve performance and sales. Business meetings are held by the sales manager and the entire team involved in sales. It is worthwhile to analyze weekly progress of the sales team!

6. Use social networks for your sales

Creating business networks is an inexpensive way to meet potential customers, partners and vendors. While you can usually build awareness of your business at conferences or in business groups, you can also use communication channels and social networks such as Linkedln and Quora, which should be part of the company's marketing.

Benefits of online communities and social networks include:

  • They provide an efficient low-cost way to generate customer prospects.
  • They help you better understand the target market.
  • They ensure better communication with customers encountered through online channels, even if you do not have the opportunity to meet them face to face.

Be active on social networks and regularly update your business information and inform customers about any news. You will get key information about your market, find out something new about the customer market and get in touch with new partners.

7. Opt for cold calling

A "cold" call is the first phone call to an unknown person who we want to address with our offer. The goal is to get a new customer out of it. Before the phone call, the agent is usually provided with a script, as well as details of the offer. To make the call a success and achieve your goal, it is also important to get information about the potential customer.

For successful "cold" calls, you need to:

  1. Have empathy in relation to the customer.
  2. Know the product or service that you offer perfectly.
  3. Be aware of competitive offers.
  4. Have a certain dose of endurance.

Tips on how to do this:

  • If communication via the phone is not natural for you, prepare an outline, but do not read directly from the paper to avoid boring the potential customer. The outline should remind you of the basics that you will be talking about.
  • Be flexible and listen carefully to the needs of the person you are calling.
  • Do not be intimidated if the person immediately gives you the phone. Stay calm and smile, people instantly appreciate it and they will feel better about you.
  • Monitor your achievements and work strategically to improve your approach.
  • Ask for information using open questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no.
  • Keep a friendly tone.
  • Schedule a face-to-face meeting and confirm by email.

Keep in mind that cold calling is not a matter of immediate closure. It serves primarily to obtain information in order to arrange a meeting. It's not ideal if you start bombarding a customer with a description of your product or service!

Once cold calling is successful, it changes to so-called warning calling, when you can call a new customer with an offer tailored to his situation. In that case, it is already the first step towards achieving the goal.

A similar tool is the so-called cold email which is an email sent by a sales representative to an unknown person in order to turn him into a customer. Even in this case, it is appropriate to choose the right words so that the customer does not feel forced into something.

8. Use consultancy techniques to increase sales

Consulting sales is a sales technique to help you get a new customer.

Consultancy improves sales performance in a number of ways:

  • It allows you to build meaningful relationships with potential customers.
  • It helps you understand your customers' future needs.

If you want to move on to a sales process that focuses on consultation and advice, you need to take some steps:

  1. Manage sales information for each potential customer.
  2. Identify potential customers and better understand their needs.
  3. Listen to them carefully and build a trusting relationship with them.

9. Understand your product

It sounds natural, but you would not believe how many sales representatives really do not understand the products they sell. They have never used them. They might know their useful features and benefits, but they do not know how the products are used. They do not understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Before placing your product on the market, make sure you really understand it. Be ready to talk about its strengths and to defend its weaknesses in a clever way. A thorough understanding of the product or service increases customer’s trust in your offer, which leads to increased sales.

10. Celebrate your success

Every single successful sales manager knows that the best way to release pressure and stress is to celebrate. Even a smaller celebration will improve the tense atmosphere in the sales team and motivate them to continue achieving other goals! Celebrate, say thank you and acknowledge success. Then expect a sweet reward in the form of increased productivity and achievement of goals.

More tips to help your business

  • Analyze sales data on a regular basis.
  • Do not forget about regular training for your team.
  • Communicate with the team.
  • Build e-commerce to increase sales.
  • Get more references - there is nothing better than customer recommendations! If an existing customer is happy with you, he recommends you to other potential customers, increasing your likelihood of reselling and higher profits.

Measure your sales team's performance compared to your budget, schedule, or forecast. Have you made progress? Did you move forward? Have the sales improved? If the answer is yes, you are on the best path to success!