31. May 2018 Blog

Importance of connecting your e-commerce solution with call center software

CloudTalk - importance of integrating your e-commerce platform with call center solution

Each year, e-commerce market constantly grows in terms of the number of e-shops and sales. This success is a result of easy access of online shopping, which is also quicker and more comfortable.

The aim of each e-shop is to increase sales. It is equally important to attract as many loyal clients as possible, so that they are happy to come back again. These customers will help you grow. Have you ever considered how to keep them? How to make them satisfied with the quality of your services and support service, to have their questions answered as quickly as possible and to increase the number of orders? 

Integrate your e-shop with a call center solution

If you operate an e-shop and the above-mentioned questions have already crossed your mind, you might be interested in a few fundamental benefits of integrating your e-shop with a call center solution. Call center software solution can be integrated with your e-shop and many business tools, and thus move your e-commerce possibilities to a whole new level. The solution can be integrated with tools that you already use, for example Shopify, Pohoda, LiveAgent, Zendesk, Shoptet, Magento, and others. Your call center agents get all necessary information related to orders, invoices, tickets or notes so that they can provide the caller with efficient and high-quality customer service.

By integrating your e-shop with a call center solution, you can quickly and easily improve your customer support. Here are some features that add more possibilities to e-commerce platforms. With these features, your business will meet customers’ expectations more efficiently. And that’s one of the reasons why clients will come back again in the future.

Real-time customer card

CloudTalk - call center solution - view customer history during a call

With the Real-time Customer Card, your agents can see all necessary caller information during the call. This feature displays caller details and provides a complex overview of customer activity – orders, invoices, tickets, chats, notes taken during previous calls, etc. Agents who have this information can adjust their approach accordingly. This will increase the efficiency of team work and business and the quality of customer support.

IVR system

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows computerized communication with the caller and guides inbound calls to the right agent. IVR uses a combination of voice input and selection of keys pressed on the screen. This technology processes a large volume of calls, which results in increased team efficiency and team satisfaction. This system is simply necessary for any growing e-commerce business that wishes to boost sales and provide excellent customer support and service.

International numbers

International Numbers feature included in a call center solution allows you to use different phone numbers in different countries, and thus enhance the image of professionalism and reliability of your e-shop. The benefit of this feature is that the client is connected to an agent with compatible language skills. This means that agents can provide more professional customer support and increase the probability of purchase.

Real-time metrics with a call center solution

By analyzing real-time call center metrics, you can improve your KPIs. These are quantitative metrics which assess the efficiency of agents, teams or departments. They produce results which you can use to improve agent productivity, optimize customer satisfaction, boost sales, reduce costs or set-up desired call duration. Teams that make data-driven decisions have measurable impact on the quality of customer services, sales and customer loyalty.

Call statistics

With Call Statistics feature, your call center activities can be optimized. Statistics allow you to identify and address team inefficiency and reduce costs. It is also possible to see what periods are ideal to contact customers and define maximum call duration, which optimizes agent productivity and prevents understaffing. Call center solution that acquires data can be seamlessly integrated with your e-commerce platform and helps optimize your business activities based on customer experience.

CloudTalk is an excellent addition and integration to any e-commerce platform. It is an excellent choice for e-shops that want to be more accessible, increase sales and provide top-notch customer support for the expanding customer base.