The Best of CloudTalk in 2022
By Matej Mesar
| 3. January 2023 |
Call Center
By M. MesarMatej Mesar
| 3 Jan 2023 |
Call Center
    By M. MesarMatej Mesar
    | 3 Jan 2023
    Call Center

    The Best of CloudTalk in 2022

    What a year it’s been, huh? 2022 brought many successes and unexpected challenges, but we handled it all and can proudly say that it made us grow even closer together. And so, with  New Year’s Eve behind us and a fresh start to the year ahead, join us as we reminisce about our highlights and enter 2023 with a positive attitude.

    The Best of People

    #1: Making Sure that Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

    Of course, we dedicated just as much time to rekindle the bonds between members of our own team. CloudTalk’s various divisions got around this year, participating in the 2022 Startup Beach Volleyball Cup and getting together for office parties in Bratislava, Prague, Malaga, and Lisbon.

    #2: Learning and Networking at Conventions

    As pandemic restrictions lifted, industry professionals could finally get together again and share knowledge. And you know we just had to be there! Be it the Digital Enterprise Show in Malaga or Digifest and CzechCrunch in Prague, CloudTalk joined the popular discourse to discuss technology, innovation, and even onboarding topics. 

    We had a great time meeting everyone, hearing the insightful talks, and showing off just what our product can do. We can only hope to do it all over again next year!

    #3: Helping Those in Need with Hoodies for Charity

    At CloudTalk, we’re always looking for ways to give back to our lovely communities. And this year, we had a great opportunity to help some charities and give away a limited number of CloudTalk hoodies to our employees. 

    For any amount CloudTalkers sent to a charity of their choosing, we’d send them a hoodie. Ultimately, we raised almost $1200 for more than 20 charity organizations and kept our colleagues warm during these cold winter months.

    The Best of Benefits

    #4: Opening of the Malaga and Lisbon Offices

    Who wouldn’t want to bask in Spain’s or Portugal’s warm sunny rays during their workdays? Very few people, we should think. So we were incredibly happy to give that opportunity to at least a few of our colleagues when we opened two new offices in Malaga and Lisbon

    Located in each city’s respective business center, the offices were designed to balance hard work and a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to see what new experiences and stories will be created here in the coming year.

    #5: Making Personal & Professional Growth a Priority

    At CloudTalk, we try to improve our personal and professional lives every day. And what better way to do that than by giving our employees access to all the training they could ever need? So this year, we deployed several initiatives to grow our hard and soft skills, including Tech Sessions, Sales Academy, Product Analytics, and Leaders Academy.

    #6: Giving CloudTalkers Unlimited Paid Time Off

    We ask a lot of our employees to bring you all the best ways to stay connected. So, to make it up to them, the least we could do was give them all the time they could ever need to take a breather, have some fun, revitalize, and come back stronger than ever. 

    This year, we deployed our Unlimited Paid Time Off scheme, which lets CloudTalkers take as many vacation days as they want without having to worry about their bank account. And the difference is clear as day! We can only hope to see similar schemes start popping up in the rest of the industry too. 

    The Best of New Tools & Content

    #7: Redesigning Our Calling Apps

    In the meantime, our Product team made great strides with our CloudTalk Go app. We worked extra hard to improve design, navigation, functionality, and performance to make working with CloudTalk not only easy but an absolute pleasure.

    #8: New Identity

    But we didn’t settle for just a simple app redesign. In 2022, we took the saying “New Year, New Me” quite literally and created a brand-new brand identity tailored specially for our product, market, and customers. We changed the color, language, and even the sounds we use to market our product. And we can’t wait for you all to see what we do with it next year!

    #9: Creating Content that Amused and Educated 

    They say sharing is caring. Well, in 2022, we really wanted to show you how much we care, so we decided to share a lot of our know-how across several mediums. Our content creation efforts culminated in over 40 videos, 5 ebooks, and numerous blogs on our site. 

    Over on our YouTube channel, we tackled topics regarding VoIP, customer support, call software feature break-downs, and more, bringing in nearly 875,000-lifetime views. We also put together 7 videos explaining how to set up and use CloudTalk, to make the user experience even smoother and more enjoyable than before.

    YouTube video

    Finally, we dove deep into practical use cases with our ebooks, discussing highly relevant topics, including Tips for Reducing Technical Support Tickets, the Psychology of Selling, Ways to Increase Call Center Productivity, and more!

    We sincerely hope you enjoyed what you’ve seen so far, as we have even more exciting content on the way in 2023. But in the meantime, why not catch up on the things you’ve missed?

    Dive into the depths of hidden VoIP knowledge

    #10: Revealing Even Better Analytics

    Information is the key to growth, be it on a personal or company level. This year, we made it one of our goals to give our users an even better understanding of their business and make good, data-driven decisions. 

    And to do that, we released our new and improved Analytics – the next-gen solution for in-depth insights into your calls. Here are just a few things you can look forward to the next time you open your CloudTalk account.

    The Best of Achievements

    #11: Resolving Over 30,000 Customer Support Requests

    Our Customer Support team achieved quite a lot as well. On top of successfully answering over 30,000 CS requests to date, CloudTalk helped our users make over 10 million calls per month.

    #12: Being Recognized as a Leader in the VoIP Space

    The end of 2022 was even more cause for celebration at CloudTalk than usual, as we were awarded the title of Leader by G2, one of the most respected review platforms online. But as always, we go above and beyond. Thus, CloudTalk was awarded 20 more awards and ranked #1 in the Contact Center, Contact Center Workforce, Auto Dialer, and Speech Analytics categories!

    And we couldn’t be more thrilled to share this achievement and give well-deserved recognition to our hard-working employees.

    Wrapping (the Year) Up

    We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our employees, partners, and customers who made this possible. But we’re not stopping there! 

    We have our eyes set on many goals, but one thing is certain. CloudTalk will always strive to find new and improved ways for businesses to stay connected with their teams, partners, and customers. 

    For us, it’s about going beyond voice and focusing on building true, long-lasting relationships. 

    It’ll be a long year, but we can’t wait to see what lies ahead in 2023.