11. September 2018 Blog

Why integrate e-commerce with a contact center?

By integrating CloudTalk with your e-commerce solution, you can immediately improve your customer support.

Modern customers expect the entire online shopping process to be convenient, hassle-free and easily available. This includes the e-shop’s website and customer care.

What does this mean? It’s no longer important how cheap the e-shop’s products are, it’s all about high-quality customer support. This includes: 

  • the customer is informed about any changes in the status of his order (receipt, shipping, expected date and time of delivery, the messenger’s contact information);
  • the customer does not have to wait for several minutes to receive information on his order, because the agent has all necessary information available during the call;
  • the customer does not have to worry that the company will not call back in case of a missed call;
  • the customer does not have to repeat the same information over and over again.

Now try to think about what happens when your e-shop offers the cheapest services but your customer support is far from being excellent and your customer has no chance to have their problems solved quickly. The customer will buy from you once, but will never come back. Most customers will prefer to buy from another e-shop that provides them with better customer support. But how can the customer choose? The key word is reviews. And of course, his own experience and the experience of his friends or family members. 

Here’s a few signs that might mean that your customer support is insufficient and fails to meet the expectations of modern customers:

  1. Agents don’t know the history of customer interactions (past calls, chats, orders, invoices, etc.).
  2. You are frequently unavailable to receive customer calls.
  3. If your customer can’t reach you, you don’t call him back.
  4. Customers have to wait for a long time to have their call answered.
  5. Customers are switched between several agents (e.g. when a customer talks to three different agents in a single call).
  6. The customer’s issue or request is not solved during the first call.
  7. Managers don’t have access to real-time contact center statistics, so they can’t improve the performance of their team and boost customer satisfaction.

CloudTalk provides contact centers with quick (several minutes) and hassle-free (no complicated installations and no need to purchase hardware) integration with your e-commerce platform. It’s a web application, which means that all you need is internet access and you can start using the solution from any device (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone). 

What are the benefits of integrating your e-commerce with a contact center software?

Integrate your e-commerce platform with a contact center solution and start providing excellent and personalized customer support. 

Here’s a short overview of some of the advanced features included in our contact center solution that will definitely improve your customer support. See for yourself.  

  • IVR menu. Based on your menu, the caller chooses which department he wants to contact. For example: For information on the status of your order, please press 1. For information on unpaid invoices, please press 2. To talk to a live agent, please press 3.
  • Call queuing. Inbound calls are routed to caller queues based on pre-defined rules and distributed to the next available agent in the queue. You can create customized caller queues based on your current needs – sales group, tech support, general support, special offer, and others.
  • Skill based routing. Inbound calls are automatically routed to specific agents based on their skills and experience. For example: If you assign German to an agent, inbound calls from German and Austrian numbers will be first routed to that agent. This means that the client will not reach an agent who cannot understand him or is unable to help. 
  • Customer calls history. To provide excellent customer support, you need to know who your clients are and why they are calling. This feature allows you to see all updated information and have a full overview of the customer’s past activities in one place (contact details, orders, invoices, calls, tickets, notes…). Your agents will be able to provide high-quality and personalized customer support. 
  • Caller ID. Personalize your customer interactions from the very start. You will see the caller’s name and phone number even before you pick up the phone. Your agents can address the caller by their name: Good morning Michal. How can I help you today? The customer will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied. 
  • Real-time customer card. Important customer information is available even before the call gets connected. The agent will see the history of communications of each customer. Any changes made during the call in the real-time customer card will be updated in the communications history as well. This means that the agent doesn’t have to waste time by switching between two parts of the system.
  • Preferred agent. You can assign or change a preferred agent to each client. The customer will consistently communicate with the same agent who can provide them with quicker and more personalized customer support.
  • Callback. If you don’t answer the client’s call, you are missing the opportunity to solve his problem or answer his questions and, in some cases, you can lose him altogether. Our contact center solution can automatically call back customers in case there are any abandoned calls. Each missed call is registered in the system, which will later dial the client’s number until the agent and the client are successfully connected..
  • Call-recording. Our contact center solution can automatically record all calls. After the call ends, you can listen to the recording directly in your web browser anytime and anywhere. By recording your calls, you can improve agent performance, improve customer support and increase sales. 
  • Call-statistics. Track the efficiency of your contact center – comprehensive statistics on calls, agents and caller queues in one place. With real-time and historical statistics, you can identify team inefficiencies and reduce costs. Make important decisions based on relevant data.

By improving the quality of your customer support, you will also increase sales. By creating excellent customer support (short waiting time for a live agent, personalized calls, shorter call duration, etc.), you will improve customer loyalty and your clients will be happy to buy from you again :)

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