17. September 2018 Blog

Why integrate your helpdesk with contact center software?

Why integrate your helpdesk with contact center software?

It has been mentioned in several of our articles that customer service and customer experience are more important than product price. Today it is more true than ever that we need to take care of our clients. You should focus on various communication tools which will help you instantly address your customers’ needs.


  1. Customers like to choose how to contact you.
  2. Customers want to have their problem solved as quickly as possible or get additional information.

90% of clients want to solve their problems over the phone.

Apart from giving your clients the opportunity to call you, you should offer them other ways how to contact you. Remember that clients cannot make phone calls under all circumstances. That’s why many companies use helpdesk tools on their websites and e-shops. And that’s smart. 

61% of customers are likely to buy a product or service from a provider who has live chat on their e-shop or website.

There are several helpdesk tools that cover the entire written communications with clients, including live chats for e-shops and websites - LiveAgent, Zendesk, Help Scout, Freshdesk and others. Communication through helpdesk tools is a quick way how your clients can reach you and get the information they need. They also enable the creation of tickets/chats with customer questions, requests and problems. 

No matter if your clients call or write you, they always expect consistent information and personalized approach. How to achieve it? Simply integrate your helpdesk solution with a call center software. Automatic two-way synchronization ensures that data are exchanged between the two tools. You will always know why, how and when a specific client contacted you, so that you can always provide them with top-notch customer service. 

What benefits do you get by integrating your helpdesk tool with our call center software?

A single contact database

With automatic contact synchronization, you don’t have to create a new client twice in two different systems. 

  • If you create a new contact in your helpdesk tool, it will automatically be created in the call center software and vice versa. 
  • If you update an existing contact in one tool, all changes will be automatically synced in the other tool, and vice versa. 

You will know the client’s identity even before you pick up the phone or respond to his message.

Chats and phone calls in one place

  • If your client calls, your contact center software will show you the history of calls, tickets and conversations from the integrated helpdesk solution. 
  • If your client writes you a message, your helpdesk tool will show you the history of his tickets and chats, but also call history. After each call, the system saves the caller’s phone number, date and time of the call, call duration and call recording.

This allows you to always have updated information in both systems and respond to all customer queries much faster. In addition, the client will not have to repeat his problem all over again :)

Personalized communication

Surprise your clients. With complete and up-to-date information on customers and their activities, you can provide them with personalized support. Your agents will be able to address each customer individually and provide them with complex and effective services to enhance customer satisfaction.

Increase agent productivity

By integrating your helpdesk tool with our contact center software, you eliminate the necessity to constantly switch between two different tools or databases when you are looking for specific customer-related information. You also don’t have to manually input the same information in two separate systems.

Two-way synchronization means you can switch from the contact center software directly to the selected ticket/chat in the helpdesk tool in a single click. During the call, you won’t have to waste time with lengthy and useless search.

Interested in high-qaulity customer support and customer experience? Read more about our integrations with helpdesk tools Live Agent or Help Scout and find out more about benefits of each integration :)