1. January 2021

How to deal with stress in a call center?

Troublesome situations are typical for working in customer service. To avoid burnout, imply these stress management techniques for call center employees.

22. December 2020

All you need to know about developing support talent

Developing talent in your team is not a piece of cake. But when you find it, you will definitely admit that it was worth the hard work. If you want to learn how to find such talent, here you can find some clues.

15. December 2020

CloudTalk hiring process and tips on how to boost your CV

We understand that applying for a new job comes with a lot of uncertainty. You may ask yourself questions such as, ‘How many steps are there in the hiring process?’ or, ‘How can I best prepare to successfully land the job?’ We’ve decided to answer all of these common questions in one place.

15. December 2020

Women in SaaS: Catherine from Intercom

In an industry she describes as having huge room for career growth and exploration, this woman thrives on the constant change that comes with the tech world. A part of that change was her own move from business to leading global partnerships in early 2020… something she would never have guessed a decade ago.

8. December 2020

Building a strong e-commerce support team

During busy periods of time such as Black Friday or Christmas season strong support team may appear very precious. Do you want to get to know how to build such a team?