23. May 2019

Call Center Automation

Automated call center solutions have become increasingly popular. Not only do they make the agents’ job easier and improve their productivity, but they also boost call center efficiency. In addition, by integrating automation tools with contact center software, agents are freed from ″manual work″ (entering data, searching in databases, etc.).

21. May 2019

8 Myths About Call Centers: Debunked

Contact centers help numerous companies around the world to grow and succeed by providing excellent customer support. At the same time, they're victims of many well-established myths based on outdated assumptions. We've gathered 8 most common myths about call centers and debunked them one by one.

19. May 2019

Call Center Management Software

In today’s economy, many businesses have grown so large that managing communications has become a challenge. Whether they need to operate a customer support center or contact new leads, call center software is a user-friendly tool that helps businesses thrive.

16. May 2019

Call Center Analytics

Call center analytics creates a unique opportunity for businesses to monitor, analyze and improve different call center metrics, e.g. agent efficiency and performance, customer loyalty and sales rates.