17. September 2020

Training for call center agents - Useful guide

Meeting customers’ expectations in today’s competitive business environment can be challenging. One of the crucial aspects of customer experience is customer support.

14. September 2020

3 Best Talkdesk Alternatives To Consider

If you want to launch a new call center or you’ve been using Talkdesk to maintain one, you might be looking for some alternatives. With so many cloud-based phone systems available on the market, though, looking for the best alternative to Talkdesk might not be the easiest task. Here are the top Talkdesk alternatives to make this choice easier.

10. September 2020

A to Z of call center terminology

Language is such a vivid construct, which it’s evolving almost every day. New words enter into our daily conversations imperceptibly and enable us to describe our reality more precisely.

7. September 2020

Women in SaaS: Zuzana from Minit

As part of our Women in SaaS bi-weekly interviews, we are thrilled to introduce you to yet another inspirational leader in the tech industry. Her story is one of seizing unexpected but well-deserved opportunities—and despite an already compelling bio, it’s only the beginning.

3. September 2020

What Is a Sales Dialer and Why Do You Need One?

Phone communication is one of the key factors for many businesses. In fact, more than 92 % of customer interactions happen over the phone. An average sales or customer support representative makes around 52 calls per day. It also usually takes a lot of effort to close a deal. Sales staff make circa eight cold calling attempts before they reach a prospect. Under these circumstances, dialing each number manually becomes frustrating and time consuming.

1. September 2020

5 Professional Business Voicemail Greetings

Reports from the telecommunication industry show that around 60 % of phone calls end up in voicemail. According to other researchers, it may even be 75 %. Yet, voicemail is an overly underestimated feature in the business world, which radically lowers its credibility. NewYork Times claims that 30 % of voicemail recordings are being heard just after 3 days or later. That can be a reason why as much as 80 % of callers don't believe their messages are noted.

27. August 2020

How to start a virtual call center?

Given their popularity, starting a virtual call center can’t be that difficult. Or can it? Here’s how to start your virtual call center from scratch.

25. August 2020

Women in SaaS: Tereza from Productboard

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced Women in SaaS, our new bi-weekly interviews aimed at passionate young women considering a future in the tech industry. We need more women in the field. And we need to hear more about the women that have already made their mark.

18. August 2020

3 best Aircall alternatives to consider

Looking for the best Aircall alternative? No matter if you want to switch from Aircall or start a brand new call center, it might be difficult to choose the right software for your needs. To make it easier for you: here are 3 best Aircall alternatives to consider.