18. November 2021

Telepresence vs. Video Conferencing: How do they differ?

Technological leap keeps communication flowing effectively across the world. It connects your team, making business communication possible from anywhere. Both telepresence and video conferencing are handy tools for communicating over the internet. Both work differently, offer different experiences and have different pros and cons. Yet, there is one thing in common - they create a real meeting experience in a virtual, easily accessible form.

16. November 2021

Working in a Call Center: What You Need to Know Before Starting

If you want to find out which call centers are right for you before giving them a try, you’re in great hands. This article allows you to gain a deeper understanding of what working in a call center includes. We will touch upon topics like descriptions for different roles, the skills that are required to do them, and the pros and cons of the call center job. Without further ado, let’s begin exploring whether or not this type of work still interests you.

16. November 2021

Talk the Talk with Top Left Design: Supporting clients through the process and going extra mile builds lifetime relationships

,,We are good at working with clients like this. It's not because we're perfect, but it's because we care," says one of Top Left Designs' Instagram posts. Going an extra mile for a client is the key not only to outstanding customer service but also to lifelong relationships. We are so pleased that Keren Lerner, the Top Left Design CEO, took the time to an open Talk the Talk and explained how their unique approach help the company grow.

11. November 2021

8 Most Common VoIP Problems and How to Fix Them

VoIP systems offer countless advantages, compared to traditional hardware call center solutions. It significantly reduces costs, offers advanced features and allows you to work from anywhere you want. Yet, nothing is without flaws. VoIP also has its disadvantages.

9. November 2021

Call Center Quality Assurance: Benefits & Best Practices

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of all call centers. It can either make or break your business. That is why you should constantly monitor your team to ensure you're always providing the best possible services. According to ContactBabel's research, more than 90% of organizations that do quality assurance consider this practice very or fairly effective.

3. November 2021

How to Use Empathy Statements to win Customers

Building successful relationships with customers is essential for providing great service and increasing sales. Whether customers call with complaints or problems, the customer service department's job is to make them feel heard, respected, and understood. For good communication and outstanding service, it’s essential to eliminate the client's concerns. That’s why managers need to constantly remind their teams to put themselves in their customers’ shoes.

26. October 2021

10 Proven Customer Service Strategies

Today, customers don't only purchase products and services. More and more often, they buy ideas or experiences. And they demand nothing less than perfection. Though it may take a lot of effort, it is very important to retain clients. Not only because it's cheaper than gaining new ones. Mainly because repeat purchases have a great effect on businesses' bottom line.

26. October 2021

Talk the Talk with Pepperit: Great marketing without great customer service is just poor client care

At Pepperit they believe that taking the time to understand people and their personal values and goals is one of the key approaches to a memorable customer experience. And we are so into it! Over the years of existence in the Australian marketing market, the company had built numerous valuable relationships and continues to grow. In this little Talk the Talk Nicole Shelly, co-founder of pepperit, has revealed some of their secrets to success. Let's dive in together!