27. July 2021

Call Flows: importance, tips for effectivity

Everyone in the customer service industry knows that first impressions are crucial. Depending on how well the first contact with a customer goes, they may either stay loyal or start looking for another company right after the first, poor, customer service.experience. In fact, 24% of customers who have a good first impression are likely to remain loyal for up to 2 years.

22. July 2021

100 employees and counting!

This week we are celebrating a very exciting milestone at CloudTalk: our 100th employee. Even as we type these words, it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come.

15. July 2021

The Importance Of Business Communication - Definition, Types and Tips

People communicate with each other all the time. Without communication, we would not be able to do anything. It’s hard to think of a situation when you do not need any type of communication at all. Without this useful skill, many of the things we have accomplished so far as humans would just be dreams.

13. July 2021

What is Jitter and Why It Matters for VoIP Call Quality

We all remember what the early quality of Skype video calls was like, right? The video quality was quite bad, we could barely understand what the other person was saying, and there were long periods of silence on the line.

8. July 2021

5 Top Tips For A Customer-First Approach To Sales

Have you heard sayings like “the customer always comes first” or, even better, “the customer is king”? If not, you may wish to get acquainted with them and incorporate them into your business’s core values, especially as a sales representative.

1. July 2021

Auto Attendant: How to Use Them to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Considering how many options people have nowadays to contact businesses, it might feel like there’s not much need for phone support to exist. Are people even using phones to call customer support nowadays? Surprisingly, yes, the vast majority of them still are.

29. June 2021

What You Should Do Before Hiring a Call Center Service

By definition, a call center is a centralized office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of inquiries by telephone. With changing times and evolving technology, not only do call centers take on a whole new form but companies are more often interested in their services too.