20. May 2021

7 Reasons to Choose Cloudtalk as your Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

The way in which customers call companies in the last decade has changed tremendously. It’s true that many people still choose to stand by traditional phone support, but they have far more options at their disposal nowadays. They can make contact via emails, live-chat widgets, or social media messaging, and all straight from their smartphones whenever they need. As a result, expectations of receiving swift service have grown too.

18. May 2021

5 Ways To Prevent Call Center Burnout

It is common knowledge that many call centre executives burnout, some even get critical. But why is it such a menacingly common problem in call centers? What are the issues that lead to burnout, and what changes can you introduce to prevent it and control it?

11. May 2021

What is a Sales Call? 8 Proven Ways to Improve your Sales Efforts

It may surprise you to learn that calls are still king when it comes to customer interactions, as 92% of them are conducted over the phone. The majority of deals begin over the phone, and most of them end this way too. It is a popular way to get in touch with clients, and if used wisely, can be very profitable.

6. May 2021

Best work from home routines in 2021

Let’s face it, remote work is not new but it is here to stay. Instead of spending long hours thinking about when it’s going to end, it’s better to find a work from home routine that can deliver the best results for you.

4. May 2021

How VoIP reduces costs and boosts ROI in Small Businesses

With the coronavirus pandemic still posing a major threat in most parts of the World, businesses in all industries are undergoing significant changes. A huge one of these is to ongoing costs, as all companies are trying to save as much money as possible on their operations. One way to do that is by switching from a traditional PSTN to a VoIP service. However, does that change make sense in the current business climate and does VoIP really offer a good return on investment?

28. April 2021

5 Red lines you should never cross in a cold call

Cold calling could be a hard game to play sometimes. You’re confident that your product is a solution everybody loves. And as for your part as a sales rep, you have a superb pitch that you consider your secret weapon for winning clients over. However, when it comes to making the actual cold call, you’re facing a lot of rejections. You might be wondering if this hype about the effectiveness of cold calling is real after all.