19. October 2018

Accepting positive feedback is not so easy

We know that appraisal and positive feedback at work are a reliable method of keeping your colleagues and team members excited and enthusiastic. So it is paradoxical that accepting positive feedback can sometimes be really difficult.

17. October 2018

7 ways to make your team meetings effective

Why are team meetings important? When several people get together in a room, they can discuss ideas, solve problems, look for solutions, and so on. Each team member can share their views and visions, allowing the team to come to a successful conclusion or solution.

15. October 2018

5 reasons why clients will love you – Part 1

The key to long-term success of any business is building trust and establishing strong relationships with customers. Building trust = increased customer loyalty = increased sales. However, very often many companies create barriers that put customers off.

4. October 2018

Christmas is coming! Is your e-shop ready?

Online shopping has seen a significant boom in recent years. It is easy and comfortable. Therefore, e-shops have been stepping up their game and offering better prices, free shipping or excellent customer service. The situation gets even more rough before Christmas.

2. October 2018

8 principles of dealing with angry customers

Dealing with angry customers is frequently part of everyday routine of customer support agents. Most of us would probably react offensively if we talked to an upset or insolent clients. However, for customer support professionals, it is important to keep it cool and follow several principles which can lead to positive outcome and retain the customer. What are the principles?