24. November 2020

The 6 Best Intercom Phone Integrations and Calling Apps

Intercom is already one of the most powerful and popular tools when it comes to customer support. But when connected with a call center or a calling app, its capabilities can grow even more. Which one out of the long list of available Intercom phone integrations to pick? Read our list of the 6 best intercom integrations to find out!

18. November 2020

Women in SaaS: Kinga from Brainy Bees

Perseverance personified, this business owner has hundreds of projects for SaaS companies under her belt—all taken on in just two years. A true testament of what can be done by meeting change head-on, the woman we’re introducing today has not yet hit 30, but she’s rocking the tech world like a seasoned professional.

17. November 2020

6 Call Center Soft Skills You Need to Have

The call center is one of the most integral components that contribute to customer success. According to a survey by Salesforce, 80% of customers “now consider their experience with a company to be as important as its products”. 

12. November 2020

6 Best Pipedrive Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps

Pipedrive offers an incredible number of available integrations. But which ones to choose when it comes to Phone Integrations, Dialers & Calling Apps? Here’s our list of the 6 most useful Pipedrive phone integrations, dialers, and calling apps!

5. November 2020

Get your customer service ready for Black Friday

Handling Black Friday is not a piece of cake for customer service agents. If you are wondering how you can help them be well-prepared for this big day in e-commerce then you are in the right place. Read some tips on how to make the most of Black Friday and prepare your team for this crazy day.

2. November 2020

Women in SaaS: Mariana from noCRM

Leading a Customer Success team remotely and balancing the responsibilities of a new parent like an absolute pro, this quadrilingual woman is a force to be reckoned with. Her early chaotic yet exciting startup days exposed her exceptional versatility, a quality that continues to shine bright in her daily work.