20. October 2020

Women in SaaS: Hana from Kontentino

Some people stumble into the SaaS field and end up exactly where they never knew they were meant to be. Such was the case with the inspirational woman we’d like to introduce today. A leader who insists on creating a diverse environment, she’s experienced her share of gender biases — but she’s never let them silence her. 

8. October 2020

The benefits of customer self-service

Nowadays, customer self-service is the most desired form of support and is becoming a standard among modern companies around the world. In fact, 73% of customers want to solve product or service issues on their own. Keep on reading to find out more about the benefits of such a solution.

6. October 2020

Women in SaaS: Jaana from Pipedrive

For this edition of our Women in SaaS bi-weekly interviews, we spoke to a true master of her craft. You can find her giving lectures on product management at Tartu University, mentoring startups or coaching aspiring professionals in the field—all while leading her own team. 

23. September 2020

Women in SaaS: Diana from Bloomreach

It is our pleasure to shine a light on a woman who has paved her own way by fearlessly moving from country to country, no matter the unknowns. She is precisely the empowering force that our Women in SaaS bi-weekly interviews hope to highlight.