16. May 2019

Call Center Analytics

Call center analytics creates a unique opportunity for businesses to monitor, analyze and improve different call center metrics, e.g. agent efficiency and performance, customer loyalty and sales rates.

15. May 2019

What Do E-commerce Customers Really Want? Part 1

There’s no doubt that online shopping is quick and convenient. Why should you spend two hours in a traditional shop looking for an electric kettle, comparing technical parameters and waiting in line for checkout when you can do everything from the comfort of your home?

13. May 2019

Types of Call Centers

Whether you are considering operating your own call center or looking to contract an outsourcing service, you should start by considering the types of services available.

12. May 2019

How to Handle Calls with Unhappy Customers? It’s Easier Than You Think

Are you a call center agent? Remember when you picked up the phone and immediately after you said hello, you were flooded with complaints because the caller hadn’t received their package in time or their warranty claim had been refused? It happens all the time. And then another angry customer calls. You’re trying to solve their special request and despite your helpful and professional approach, they are upset. Yes, these things can happen. But they shouldn’t happen to you.

9. May 2019

Call Center Calls

Depending on their size, call centers make dozens to thousands of calls every day to make sure that customers are happy. In the previous post, we covered the differences between two basic types of calls.