9. September 2019

HubSpot CRM: Best 8 Integrations To Boost your Sales Results

Building and maintaining relationships with customers should be the main focus of any business out there. One thing that can definitely ease the management of those relationships is to have all necessary information about existing and potential customers in one place. This, in turn, is possible thanks to using powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

27. August 2019

The best tools for sales & customer support teams

If you are wondering how to get new clients and provide the best service for customers you already have, we might have a real gem for you. Do not waste time on research. Check out the recommended tools for sales and customer support teams!

22. August 2019

Pipedrive CRM: 5 Best Integrations To Increase Sales In Your Company

Pipedrive is a web-based CRM and pipeline management solution which enables sales teams to plan and monitor their sales activities. When searching for ways to optimise their sales processes and improve customer experience, though, many businesses decide to integrate Pipedrive with other useful online tools. That’s hardly surprising, given the benefits of tool integration.

19. August 2019

How to provide your customers with brilliant omnichannel support

Modern consumers expect outstanding and immediate support. As a result, brands are now challenged to be everywhere their customers need them to be - including social media, mobile app, phone, email, and live chat. Here’s how to offer brilliant support across all the channels.