16. March 2021

6 best sales call script templates 2021

Sales departments don’t have easy jobs. Sales calls are one of the most common ways to reach clients. How to make them effective? Use some ready-made templates to facilitate agents’ work.

11. March 2021

Women in SaaS - Anna from Leadfeeder

From a promising soccer career to ghostwriting for countless SaaS companies, this woman has solidified her worth a million times over. So whatever “boys club” she finds herself in next, her voice is sure to never again go unnoticed.

2. March 2021

CloudTalk Insider #1: What is Call Masking?

Call masking is frequently used by businesses nowadays to ensure the privacy of their and their customers’ data. Why is it important and how can you use call masking in your company?

25. February 2021

Women in SaaS: Arielle from Donut

Breaking into tech is no easy task. Leaping from the hierarchical world of publishing into the chaotic land of startups comes with a never-ending stream of surprises and challenges that this woman has met with aplomb.

23. February 2021

What makes CloudTalk the right call center software in 2021

2020 will be remembered as a year full of challenges that constantly tested our flexibility and perseverance. It also showed us areas where we need to excel and things that hold us back. If obtaining a call center solution that will help with your day-to-day tasks is on your list of new year’s resolutions, you’re in the right place.

19. February 2021

Customer service tools you should use in 2021

Customer service tools improve the quality of service provided by your agents. If you are wondering which ones are worth considering for your implementation, here you will find a list of the best customer service tools for 2021.