13. September 2018

What is a cloud – buzzword or reality?

Where is "cloud"? How do I know I’m in cloud? Maybe you have already heard these questions or even asked them yourself. Maybe you are using cloud right now and don’t even realize it. And what does cloud mean for businesses?

24. August 2018

4 steps for successful 1-on-1 meetings with your manager

Regular 1-on-1 meetings are an excellent platform for open conversations between managers and employees. They create space for honest communication, which helps to build trust between the manager and his team. 1-on-1 meetings are a great time for employees to express their emotions, ideas, achievements, frustrations and to discuss their career plans.

22. August 2018

Leadership: Decisive 1-on-1 meetings for your team

Why 1-on-1 meetings? Because they are a great opportunity for feedback, coaching, building manager support and discussing anything relevant for you and your staff. They are also a perfect chance to strengthen the relation between managers and their employees.

10. August 2018

What are the demands in the era of the customer?

Companies realize that customers are the ones calling the shots. They are smarter, better informed and know they have more options to choose from. They expect excellent customer experience whenever they interact with a company.

3. August 2018

8 benefits of transferring your call center system into cloud

Companies all around the world have been investing in popular call center software solutions allowing them to provide better customer service. However, this means that call centers have transferred into cloud. What does cloud call center mean and what are the benefits?