24. June 2019

How important is customer service in e-commerce?

With the constant focus on acquiring new customers, customer service is often an overlooked area of e-commerce. Such an approach, however, can eventually lose you money. See how important customer service in e-commerce is, and make sure you take appropriate measures to offer outstanding support to your customers.

20. June 2019

What do e-commerce customers really want? Part II

In our previous article, we looked at what customers look for when they shop online. Apart from a wide selection of products, we mentioned personalized approach, special offers and high-quality customer support. Today, we will see what your e-shop should look like to be appealing to customers. Let’s see what you should focus on when designing your e-shop.

14. June 2019

Win more deals with Pipedrive phone system integration

With customer expectations raising constantly, maintaining the highest standards of your customers & sales support might soon become a priority for your business. By combining the right tools, however, this has never been easier – especially if you integrate your phone system with a powerful CRM solution. Here’s why you should take advantage of CloudTalk-Pipedrive integration and boost the performance of your sales team.

5. June 2019

Good practices for growing a small business

Growing a small business is not an easy task, which is why you might be looking for some advice at this stage. Luckily, we’re here to help. Even though there is no single best formula for starting your own business, we’ve gathered some good practices that can give you a head start. See them for yourself.

4. June 2019

Call Center Scripts

What is a call script? To put it simply, it’s a manual that a call center agent reads when interacting with call center customers. There are various types of scripts, from ones that are very detailed up to scripts that serve as a basic outline to be followed by the agent during the call. Scripting can be done in the form of a text containing all the words to be used by the agent or only specific items (e.g. questions) that the agent should incorporate into the conversation.

3. June 2019

Call Center for Telemarketing Companies

Many companies have decided to outsource their telemarketing to save on operating costs without compromising quality and productivity. Modern cloud-based call center software can help them do just that.