17. July 2018

Start using VoIP telephony in your business

VoIP telephony reduces your business costs – it does not require any complex installation processes and maintenance and it allows you to make phone calls via the Internet from anywhere and using any device.

13. July 2018

What does GDPR mean for e-commerce businesses?

In the previous blog post, we looked at what efforts CloudTalk has made to become GDPR compliant. As a business enabling thousands of calls per month, we take personal data protection very seriously and do our best to help you comply with GDPR when using our solution. If you are an e-commerce operator, it’s important that you cover several areas to make your business ready for the new rules.

10. July 2018

CloudTalk and GDPR: How to get ready?

In the previous blog post, we covered the basics of GDPR and its impact on anyone dealing with personal data. Now we will tell you what measures CloudTalk has taken to safeguard your data and what features we have created to make it easier for you to become GDPR compliant.

5. July 2018

GDPR: What you should know about the new Data Protection Act

What makes e-commerce business great is that it is much easier to expand (even outside the borders of your home country) than ever before. In addition, you can collect and use customer data, which is a major advantage that traditional brick-and-mortar shops don’t have.