9. June 2020

Contact center vs call center: The ultimate comparison

The terms ‘contact center’ and ‘call center’ are often used interchangeably - but the truth is, these terms don’t actually mean the same. There are some differences between them, which we’re about to cover in this blog post. Here’s your ultimate comparison of call center vs contact center.

29. May 2020

7 effective strategies to boost sales

Selling might be no rocket science - but with so many tools and techniques available, using them all effectively is likely to give you a headache. If you’re struggling to choose the best methods and boost your sales, here are 7 effective sales strategies that can really make a difference for your efforts.

27. May 2020

Quick phone hacks for sales reps to crush quota

There’s no doubt that the effectiveness of the sales team affects the overall performance of any business. Improving it, therefore, should be one of the main priorities for every sales rep out there. Luckily, there are quite a few quick phone hacks you can implement to crush quota. Here they are.

22. May 2020

What is a virtual call center and why should you have one?

It’s clear to see that the nature of the workplace is changing rapidly. A while back, no call center would ever want to switch to a cloud phone system and let its agents work remotely. Things are much different now, though. With the right set of tools, you can easily boost the performance of your call center, no matter where the agents are located. Here’s why it’s worth having a virtual call center yourself.

18. May 2020

5 call center metrics for successful benchmarking

To provide customers with unrivalled customer support, you first need to know your call center performance metrics, compare them with average results of your competitors, and strive to improve these metrics. Here’s why call center metrics and their benchmarks are crucial for your business.

11. May 2020

7 Best Intercom Integrations to Improve Customer Experience

Imagine that you are going to meet with a friend you haven't seen for ages. Would you rather have dinner in a premium restaurant with delightful nice staff and delicious food, or explore a new, way cheaper restaurant with mixed reviews from the previous customers?

5. May 2020

How to pick tools for remote teams

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus around the world, many companies have been forced to quickly transform their processes to adopt a 100% digital routine and enable working from home. Even companies that have been allowing remote work for some employees before the crisis now face many more challenges and struggles to ensure productivity and smooth communication between teams.

29. April 2020

10 tips to making your customer support calls friendlier

Customer support is among the top instruments to improve the customer experience. Indeed, for 96% of consumers, customer service is essential for brand loyalty. So, when appropriately managed and done right, it influences conversion rates by far.