10. July 2019

Integrating your call center with powerful tools

If you run a call center, you probably know how difficult it is to choose the right tools for your team. Sadly, a single best solution doesn’t exist - but tool integration can easily work wonders. Here’s how to integrate your call center with powerful tools.

9. July 2019

Call Center for Sales Companies

Forget manual dialing and searching for data in multiple systems. Business phone system like CloudTalk will help you boost your outbound call center’s productivity, allowing you to save time and increase your profits.

8. July 2019

Call center statistics that count

Meeting customer expectations can be a challenge in today’s competitive business world. With an understanding that every client is different and should be treated individually, you should also take a closer look on metrics that overall can help you improve your customer service and therefore, increase your company’s revenue.

5. July 2019

Call Center Software for Tech Supports

Use CloudTalk to manage your inbound and outbound calls. Advanced features, including Callback and Skill-based Routing, ensure that no call remains unanswered.

3. July 2019

Benefits of Business Phone System (PBX)

CloudTalk is a tailor-made solution for businesses of any size. All your departments, branches, extensions and employees can be interconnected quickly and easily. Naturally, we also provide VoIP telephony services.

28. June 2019

The future of work: Improving the employee experience

Workplace changes are accelerating, which should be a good enough reason to get your business ready for the future. With the right tools, you can make sure your team won’t be affected by the most recent trends - but will embrace them instead. Here’s how you can improve the employee experience once and for all.