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Caller ID feature improves customer interactions

Personalize your communication with clients from the very beginning. We will show you the name of the caller, their phone number and much more even before the call connects.

CloudTalk’s Caller ID feature enables your agents to instantly view the caller’s name and phone number the moment the call comes in. This allows them to address the caller by their name, for example: “Hello Michael, how can I help you today?” The caller will be pleasantly surprised and the agent can provide them with even better service.

How does Caller ID work?

Desktop notification of a new incoming call opens in the right upper corner of your desktop.

Desktop notification contains:

  • possibility to refuse the call
  • the caller’s name and phone number
  • phone number dialed by the caller
  • your assigned phone number tag, so you immediately know what number the caller dialed
  • possibility to open real-time customer card with full history of activities and additional caller information

This contextual information allows your agents to provide personalized customer support the moment the call comes in.

Provide better service with CloudTalk

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By displaying your contact tags, your agents will always know how to answer the call and what information might be of interest for the caller. For example, when a client dials your Special E-commerce Promotion phone number, you can quickly prepare the list of all special promotions before picking up the phone, so that you do not have to look it up during the call.

Simply open real-time customer card before you pick up

Agents can open the caller’s real-time customer card directly from the desktop notification before they pick up the phone. Real-time customer card allows them to see the client’s past interactions with your company – history of calls, orders, tickets, chats, emails, conversations or notes.

Caller ID feature allows you to streamline and personalize customer interactions even before the phone is picked up.

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