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Want to use Intercom Messenger to initiate voice calls? Seamless integration with CloudTalk Live allows you to switch from a chat to a call and back without ever leaving your Intercom Messenger interface.

Intercom Messenger overview

Intercom platform: It is a Customer Communications Platform that shows its users who are using their product or website. The platform makes it easy and convenient to personally communicate with customers by using targeted content, behavior-driven messages, and conversational support.

Intercom Messenger: It is a tool that helps clients navigate through the Intercom platform. Through the messenger, website users and signed-up users can reach out to you to have real-time conversations. 

Additionally, Messenger’s features also let you reach out to users based on their preferences. 

Why to integrate Intercom Messenger with CloudTalk Live

One of the main benefits of the integration is that users can switch from a chat to a call and back, without having to leave their Intercom Messenger interface.

The integration will further allow you to access all call recording and call history data in your account. All contacts and conversations are synced with CloudTalk, giving you a complete overview of the communication. 

When you make or receive a call, including missed calls and voicemails, the information will be sent to Intercom and noted as an event or a conversation.

If you already have an integration with Intercom, and a call would feel better than a chat, you can simply encourage clients to call through Intercom Messenger. 

While using Intercom Messenger, customers will simply start the call from their browser, without the need to install anything. You will receive the call on your CloudTalk app, which lets you access all functionalities.

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A summary of Intercom Messenger benefits

  • You can switch between chat and call or other way round without leaving the Intercom Messenger,
  • It provides personalized support by viewing a customer’s contact history and details before jumping on a call,
  • Automatically saves all call-related information, including call recordings, and connects it with the right contact in your Intercom account,
  • It  automatically registers a new conversation or event for every missed call or voicemail, 
  • One click to call leads and contacts, without leaving Intercom,
  • It allows integrations with other CRM, e-commerce or support solutions.

How to integrate Intercom Messenger with CloudTalk Live

In CloudTalk, go to Account -> Integrations and Click on Connect with Intercom. The system will automatically redirect you to your Intercom account and ask you if you agree with the use of your data.  

Once you complete the CloudTalk Live & Intercom Messenger integration, customers can jump on the call and talk to you through the Messenger window on their computer. 

It’s super easy for both you and the customer since it requires no installations, no programming, and no extra fees.

Integrate your Intercom Messenger with CloudTalk Live now and increase the productivity of your call center.

How to use CloudTalk Live + Intercom Messenger Integration (Video Guide)