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Complete customer interactions history always within easy reach. We will automatically display previous calls, orders, chats or notes, so agents don’t have to look them up in multiple systems.

If you want to provide first-class customer support, you need to know who your clients are and why they are calling your company.

CloudTalk’s Contact History feature allows you to see complete up-to-date information on callers and have a comprehensive overview of their previous activities in one place – customer’s contact detail. Your customer interactions have never been so easy.

History of customer interactions in one place

CloudTalk automatically stores all interactions with each caller in their contact details:

  • history of calls with recordings
  • emails, chats
  • tickets
  • orders with detailed information
  • notes were written by agents placed in the separate contact tab 

This data is compiled from automatic synchronization with all your existing tools integrated with CloudTalk, for example:

A comprehensive history of communications is always within easy reach even during the call. When agents are well-informed before answering the client’s call, they can make their approach more personalized, deal with the caller’s request more efficiently and provide them with better customer care.

All information is displayed in one place, which improves call center performance, saving your agents the time that would have been spent looking up information in multiple systems. This results in faster service and a higher number of customers served.  

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Handle customer calls quickly and efficiently

When your agents have important customer data from previous interactions, callers do not have to spend time repeating the same information each time they call your company. For example, if a client calls to report a broken router and the agent sees in the customer card that this is the third time the customer complains about the same issue, they can suggest router replacement. The client will appreciate that they do not have to explain the problem all over again and your agent can offer them a quick solution in a matter of seconds.

By using contact history, your company will demonstrate that you value customer satisfaction, thereby fostering customer loyalty.

Successful outbound campaigns

If you manage campaigns or actively sell products or services, your agents can view each customer’s contact details to prepare for the call. Knowing relevant information allows for a better and more strategic approach during the call with higher chances of closing the deal.

Use comprehensive contact history to provide clients with better services.

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