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Create tasks directly from CloudTalk

Add new contacts, create tickets, tasks or edit orders in your CRM, helpdesk or e-commerce solution directly in CloudTalk. Streamline your workflows with our effective solution for customer calls.

Allow your agents to create tasks, tickets or chats for your favorite business tools directly in CloudTalk.

create task directly from cloudtalk
  • For example, if you integrate CloudTalk with Help Scout helpdesk solution, you can create conversations with your clients directly in CloudTalk’s interface even during the call.
  • After the conversation is created, it is automatically transferred to Help Scout, so you can be sure that both systems are always up-to-date.
  • When you edit existing conversations in CloudTalk, changes will be automatically synchronized with Help Scout.

You can use CloudTalk to manually create and edit tickets, conversations, tasks, notes and much more. Integrations will improve your caller experience, as agents do not have to switch between multiple systems. By integrating CloudTalk with:

  • E-commerce solutions (e.g. Shopify, Magento), you can edit orders directly in CloudTalk
  • Helpdesk solutions (e.g. LiveAgentHelp Scout, Intercom), you can create and edit tickets, tasks or conversations with customers in CloudTalk
  • business solutions (e.g. invoicing software), you can edit orders, invoices or quotes in CloudTalk
  • CRM solutions (Microsoft Dynamics, ZohoCRM), you can create new contacts in CloudTalk

Using a single system improves team efficiency and provides better solution for handling customer calls to improve overall customer support.

Provide better service with CloudTalk

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Modify data in tickets, tasks and conversations

You can modify ticket data directly in CloudTalk based on your unique business needs. Depending on the type of integrated software, you can modify:

  • subject
  • content
  • status
  • priority
  • and more

This allows your agents to monitor and update tickets without having to leave CloudTalk interface. Your calls will become even more productive, as your agents do not have to switch between multiple systems and can fully focus on the caller.

Automatic synchronization means up-to-date data

With automatic synchronization, tickets, tasks, conversations and orders created in your integrated system (e.g. e-commerce, helpdesk, etc.) are regularly downloaded to CloudTalk and added to each client’s detail.

You can be sure that both systems always contain the same and always up-to-date caller data no matter which system you are using.

By creating tasks for your business systems directly in CloudTalk, your agents’ work will be streamlined, as they will not have to operate multiple systems at once.

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