Integration with Dataddo

Integrate call data to any dashboard, BI tool, or data warehouse

Integrate call data with your data from CRM, helpdesk, and more for a complete picture of your customer interactions. Dataddo helps you combine and transform customer data before pushing it to the BI tool or data warehouse of your choice, boosting the power of your analytics.

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Business benefits of using Dataddo with Cloudtalk 

  • Easily retrieve vital data on customer calls, from contact name to duration, wait time, and more
  • Visualize call data in your preferred business intelligence tool 
  • Combine Cloudtalk data with other relevant services such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, or Zendesk
  • Extract, transform, and load data from all your customer and sales platforms from a centralized control panel 
  • Automate the movement of data between customer applications and dashboarding tools

Get insights into your customer calls and habits

Create a data pipeline between Cloudtalk and any BI tool or data warehouse in minutes - simply authorize Dataddo to extract from your Cloudtalk account, choose your metrics and dimensions, and set the time of extraction according to your schedule. Dataddo runs automatically in the background, pulling data to your specifications and keeping your pipelines stable and up-to-date. 

Level up your CRM knowledge

Dataddo’s unique technology allows it to connect to any CRM on the market, so you can combine Cloudtalk data with any and all of your customer tools. Compare correspondence across platforms and fill in the knowledge gaps for better communication, faster solutions, and happier customers. 

The metrics you're looking for 

Choose from more than 30 available metrics on Cloudtalk for Dataddo, including: 

  • Call duration
  • Contact ID
  • Wait time
  • Agent ID
  • Rating

Or request an update to add any metric you need from Cloudtalk’s API. The data you extract is exactly the data you need.


Integration Overview


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