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Everybody deserves a relaxing, hassle-free vacation. At DiscoverCars, the mission is to make the logistics of traveling easier to manage, so everyone is free to enjoy their holidays to the fullest. 

Since 2013, the DiscoverCars team has worked to deliver a seamless car rental experience to their customers. How have they done it? By allowing users to compare and book rental cars from more than 500 partners in 10,000 destinations across the globe. It’s an incredible tool, and one that takes exceptional, around-the-clock customer support in order to function properly. 

In an era where companies are learning to prioritize customer service, any company that doesn’t do so will crash and burn. Moreover, one positive experience could make them stick to a brand, whereas one negative interaction could send them running to a competitor. DiscoverCars‘ team realizes that investing in their customer service team now will pay dividends in many ways later on. By choosing the right tools, they’ve become a force in their industry.


DiscoverCars started in Riga, Latvia, but as they grew beyond their borders, new customers started to pour in. They couldn’t keep assisting them through traditional landlines — it was inefficient and impractical. There simply weren’t enough agents available on the line at any given time. 

Due to the worldwide car rental business requiring constant communication with various nationalities, the team had been using Twilio for making calls and Liveagent for receiving them. The combination of those tools provided the basics: convenience via connected communication. But after two years testing out other services (and rapid growth), it became critical for DiscoverCars to address their communications challenges with the help of a truly comprehensive platform. 

Other providers had proven to have very little room for negotiating discounts based on call volume. Accurate statistics and reports regarding missed calls or activity on specific lines were also missing. And in an age that necessitates reaching customers via multiple platforms, the lack of SMS functionality was a clear hindrance. However, the main issue was a lack of access to fast, personalized support—especially when it came to connecting with new markets, where DiscoverCars had to deal with each phone number’s regulatory compliance.

Additionally, the team did not have addresses in most countries which they required, and they lacked the option of creating specific IVRs (interactive voice responses) to manage complex customer journeys. 

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Hier kommt CloudTalk ins Spiel

Although their previous business phone software provider offered several useful features, the above-mentioned serious problems indicated that it was time for DiscoverCars to transition to a new contact center solution.  

In order to provide first class customer support, they were searching for a multifaceted phone software which would improve client satisfaction across the board. One that required minimum time for maintenance and provided maximum space for work.

They found themselves looking for an all-in-one solution with:

  • The ability to respond to customer requests efficiently: There is no time for angry customers, especially those whose only desire is to enjoy their holidays stress-free. The longer you keep those customers waiting, the more likely you are to lose their business. Luckily, CloudTalk has a solution: it’s called Interactive Voice Response, or IVR for short. IVR systems present callers with a series of questions, the answers to which direct them towards the appropriate agent. Simply put, it’s a game changer for efficiency in customer support. 
  • Phone numbers in a variety of countries: Offering your service all around the world can be challenging. How do you provide the best customer support to clients who are traveling from country to country and can be anywhere at any time? With CloudTalk, it’s easy. You can acquire phone numbers from more than 160 countries around the world and by extension provide your clients with services from familiar numbers. You do not need to move offices or spend more money.
  • Generate detailed reports about agents’ performance: When considering ways to improve call center customer service, it is essential to look at how you measure the progress of your team. DiscoverCars adopted data-driven management, which is crucial to improving the productivity of their team. CloudTalk helps them identify, analyze and evaluate the progress of each agent.
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CloudTalk was an excellent choice. The DiscoverCars team has tripled in only 2 years. Their agents now get around 100,000 calls per quarter. Back in 2020, it was 30,000 calls per quarter. With CloudTalk, they can handle all of this communication with ease.

International numbers continue to bring in great results, too. They lower costs for the company and their partners, and their customers benefit even more. DiscoverCars now operates in more than 150 countries, and offers customer support in 17 languages. With this global coverage and high number of customers, their newcomers need to deliver top service. The Call Recording feature has proven to be an ideal tool for agent training. Supervisors can filter recordings by the agent or by the client and use relevant parts of the calls for educational purposes. 

The automatic callback feature helps agents avoid missed calls and plays a significant role in improved client satisfaction. With all of these call statistics easily accessible in CloudTalk’s comprehensive dashboard, the DiscoverCars team can now confidently move forward, full speed ahead.

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Essentielle Cloudtalk-Vorteile

  • International Numbers: DiscoverCars is operating in more than 150+ countries, their website is localized in 80 different languages and their customer support is speaking 16 languages. When they identify demand for a language they don’t currently offer, they can quickly and easily implement it at scale thanks to CloudTalk. 
  • IVR: With the IVR feature, it is easy to route a customer to an agent who speaks their language. They can also distribute calls based on customers‘ stage in the booking process, giving higher priority to clients who are currently picking up their cars.
  • Premium Call Statistics: With premium call statistics, managers can easily check the performance of their team, or see which phone lines are the busiest. A less obvious benefit is that hiring decisions can be made much faster. By continuously tracking the activity of a particular phone line, managers can understand exactly how well a new hire is performing during their trial period at the company. 
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager: One of the things that CloudTalk does better than other providers is support their clients post-purchase. DiscoverCar’s dedicated customer success manager shares detailed product updates every month and explains how they can benefit from them. It’s also very easy for DiscoverCars team members to set up a meeting with CloudTalk’s customer success manager, since he always responds to them within one working day.
  • Remote Work: When the pandemic started and everybody had to embrace remote work, the DiscoverCars team was afraid that the quality of their service would decrease. Thanks to CloudTalk, they are now working smoothly from all over the world and from any device they want. 
  • CloudTalk Go App: CloudTalk Go lets you have a first-rate international call center in your pocket. The application is easy-to-use and allows the DiscoverCars team to be much more efficient.
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Frederico Lopes

Head of the Customer Service Department at DiscoverCarsz

Frederico leads the multicultural 24/7 Customer Support. Under his leadership, the team has tripled. Thanks to CloudTalk, he can always identify gaps in his team and deliver personalized support.

“Our relationship with CloudTalk is all about mutual support. We are helping them to grow further and they are helping us to improve our business. This approach is a game changer. We are looking forward to working with them to support our customers even better.”

Die Lieblingsfunktionen des DiscoverCars-Teams

  • Call Monitoring: Call monitoring is a great help. New agents can learn from other colleagues simply by listening to their calls. They can also replay the calls later. This feature also allows whispering additional information only to the agent if needed (caller doesn’t hear you) or drop-in on live calls to interact with both the caller and the agent.
  • Call-Back: Ever since DiscoverCars started to use an automatic callback feature, they have far fewer missed calls. When all agents are busy and the caller cannot reach anyone, CloudTalk records information on each abandoned or unanswered call. The callback will start to ring relevant groups of agents as a standard incoming call but labeled with a Callback tag. When an agent picks up, the system automatically starts to dial the number of the customer who could not reach them the first time.
  • Real-time Dashboard: This is an efficient tool for support team management, providing managers with quick access to up-to-date information on the current status of their call center. In a user-friendly and intuitive CloudTalk interface, all available metrics are displayed in a separate Real-time Dashboard tab. These metrics help managers make key decisions in real-time and increase call center efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Agent Reporting: This feature allows supervisors of DiscoverCars to improve agent management by identifying top agents as well as those in need of more training. They can always access agent statistics quickly and easily. Besides general metrics, DiscoverCars can monitor average call duration or average speed to answer. This helped them improve agent management by allowing them to implement an individual approach to coaching their agents.

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