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Norway is a well-known leader in the development of high-tech maritime, marine and petroleum industries. FrontCore has been serving training providers in these industries for almost two decades, thanks to its state-of-the-art course and training management solutions that help automate everyday tasks. But the company’s influence has long surpassed its Norwegian roots.

Today, FrontCore is trusted by several thousand providers worldwide, and about 4,779 training administrators use the system daily. With such numbers, FrontCore must remain committed to enhancing its product. And a big part of that is making smooth customer service processes and all external communication a priority.


One of FrontCore’s self-proclaimed distinguishing factors is a “dedication to innovation and customer success”. With this strong commitment to continually developing innovative solutions together with global training providers, FrontCore needed to address several issues as soon as possible.

Among the biggest challenges FrontCore faced was keeping track of closed cases and call statistics, and establishing an efficient system for dealing with missed calls if no operators were available to answer.

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Enter CloudTalk

A significant problem FrontCore was facing with its previous software provider was the limited possibilities of creating a pleasant customer experience — specifically, a lack of options directing callers to the appropriate departments depending on the issue at hand.

Fully aware that clients come first, FrontCore recognized the need to streamline and simplify the caller’s path to the appropriate department. The team decided to find a user-friendly phone system provider who would meet this and all other requirements, making daily tasks manageable and customer satisfaction a guarantee.

The key requirements for the new software were clear:

  • Customizing call flows: FrontCore needed intelligent call routing with pre-defined criteria. Tailoring their own workflows, helping their contact center to professionally handle all incoming calls and setting a customized sequence of steps individually for each phone number were all a must.
  • Efficiently managing incoming calls: Managing the call center’s inbound calls step by step is crucial in letting no calls go unanswered. FrontCore’s team required the option of routing inbound calls to the agent or department that is most suited to deal with a given caller’s questions.
  • Storing statistics on inbound and outbound calls: Tracking the performance of the call center was a must. FrontCore was well aware that having complex stats on calls, agents and call queues all in one place is the best way to make smart decisions based on data.
  • An easily managed system: When switching to new software, companies often fear the setup process. FrontCore wanted a system that would require nothing but a few minutes, a PC, an internet connection and a headset. It also wanted to be sure it wouldn’t lose any data during the switch.
  • Creating a pleasant customer experience: The biggest challenge today is finding a call center solution that redirects calls with zero hiccups, regardless of where the operator is working from. FrontCore was adamant about having crystal clear calls, at all times.
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Thanks to our no-hassle implementation, CloudTalk was set up in minutes — automatically migrating all of FrontCore’s customer contact information, agent and user data, and call histories. The team was able to smoothly pick up where they left off, and CloudTalk’s feature list effortlessly checked all of FrontCore’s boxes.

In just 3 months, the FrontCore team has made 874 inbound and outbound client calls using 35 international numbers, having spent 3,180 minutes on inbound and outbound calls.

The FrontCore team now has a much better overview of all calls and statistics, which are the greatest tool in continual improvement. By trusting CloudTalk, FrontCore has increased its team’s efficiency, eliminated shortcomings in managing inbound calls, and made the customer journey for their clients much more enjoyable. Simply put, the team has a smart and well-organized foundation of data to build on.

Results in the last 3 months


Inbound and outbound calls


Minutes on the phone with clients


Phone numbers

Essential Cloudtalk benefits

  • Call Statistics: Detailed statistics help optimize a contact center’s and call center’s activities, allowing teams to identify gaps in team efficiency (which reduces costs) while identifying optimal times to reach out to clients, busy periods of high call volume, and average answer and wait times.
  • Call Monitoring:  CloudTalk allows FrontCore’s team to easily monitor agent performance, ensuring that the company’s quality standards are being met. And with real-time call monitoring, teams can listen to any call without interrupting or whisper additional information to the agent if needed.
  • Agent Reporting: Having easy access to agent statistics directly in CloudTalk helps improve and optimize FrontCore’s customer service. By logging individual data and performance, the team can improve agent management and identify top agents, as well as those in need of more training.
  • Emotion Analytics: Emotion analytics is an effective tool for supervisors to provide relevant feedback and suggestions. It especially helps with coaching and one-on-one meetings with agents, improving the overall customer experience. FrontCore’s agents can simply rate a conversation or a customer’s mood after every call, with just a single click.
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Thea Holtlund Jacobsen

Project Manager at FrontCore

Thea is a Project Manager at FrontCore, where she can be found researching, locating and managing projects to automate the company’s processes and systems. Her responsibilities include creating a smooth journey from booking to invoicing, ensuring a top-level phone system and optimizing internal routines.

The FrontCore team’s favorite features

  • Call Flow Designer: No call should be left unanswered. CloudTalk allows teams to set their own workflows and efficiently handle all calls. When creating a call flow, teams can insert steps like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), time-router, business hours, welcome messages and many more.
  • Automated Call Distribution: Smart, efficient queue distribution of inbound calls based on all available data ensures that callers are directed to the most qualified agent or agent group. If callers cannot reach a specific agent, CloudTalk’s callback feature records data of each missed call.
  • Voicemail: This feature guarantees that no inbound call gets ignored, even outside of business hours. Inbound calls are always routed to voicemail, and CloudTalk stores all voicemail history (also available in graphs), which contains data about the caller, his/her phone number and the time.
  • Click to Call: This allows teams to initiate calls directly from their internet browser, CRM or helpdesk tool. Every phone number is automatically detected and converted to a clickable format; the team simply needs to click on a number on the web or in the interface of any program. That’s it.

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

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