Google Single Sign-On (SSO)

When using Google Single Sign-On (SSO) in your business, you make the process of signing up to your apps much simpler and more secure for your employees.

We are aware that companies want to make the process of signing up to various apps more convenient and secure for their employees. That is why we enable your team to sign up to CloudTalk’s dashboard, the desktop app with Google account credentials.

Make it simple for your employees

As many companies move their business operations into the cloud and utilize tens or hundreds of apps every day, their employees expect seamless access to multiple applications from anywhere, anytime. Google SSO enables your employees to sign up for several apps with Google credentials. A great benefit for employees is that they can use their Google SSO login credentials on any device, in any web browser, without risking security. 

Simplify work for your IT admins 

The de-provisioning of agents in larger companies is complicated when using multiple tools. IT admins, in particular, appreciate having a single interface where they can block access to all used systems when an employee is no longer part of the company. This problem can be easily solved using SSO, which simplifies the process. 

Decrease security risk

A common misconception about using an SSO solution is that there is a single master password and if it is stolen, all related accounts will be threatened. The truth is when users utilize SSO, they actually create stronger (harder to guess) passwords without the need to write them down anywhere. For an extra security layer, an SSO strategy can be combined with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

How to set up Google SSO in CloudTalk

Google Single Sign-On (SSO) allows companies to use Google Accounts to grant access to the CloudTalk interface. In order to turn this option on, simply access Account Settings in the Cloudtalk’s dashboard and go to the “Single-Sign-On section”. 

Choose from 2 options:

  1. Enable Google SSO - With SSO Enabled, agents can log in to CloudTalk using either their Google Account or by creating their own credentials just for Cloudtalk.
  2. Enforce Google SSO - With SSO Enforced, agents can log in exclusively with their Google Account. Traditional email and password combinations won’t work.

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