Guaranteed response
times for support

The speed of our support team’s response time depends on the priority level you select when you submit your ticket, your support plan, and how your plan works with our business hours*. Your ticket’s priority level can be changed by the agent to be higher or lower based on how an issue impacts your business.

This table is a quick reference to the support levels you can expect according to the ticket priority, issue status, and support plan you are on.

Ticket Priority




Priority 1

Business Critical


Within 3 business hours

Within 1 hour (24/7)

Priority 2

Degraded Service


Within 6 business hours

Within 3 business hours

Priority 3

General Issue


Within 9 business hours

Within 6 business hours

* Our business hours cover Monday through Friday, 09:00 am to 05:00 pm Central European Time, excluding major holidays
** Our Guaranteed Response Times are not covered for questions about developer preview and beta products

Priority Levels

The priority level of a ticket you submit is used to determine what your response time will be.

  • Ticket Priority 1, BUSINESS CRITICAL: This status only applies to applications that are in production. It represents a complete loss of service or a significant feature that is completely unavailable, and no workaround exists. Does not include development issues or problems in staging environments.
  • Ticket Priority 2, DEGRADED SERVICE: Includes intermittent issues and reduced quality of service. A workaround may be available. Does not include development issues or problems in staging environments.
  • Ticket Priority 3, GENERAL ISSUE: Includes product questions, feature requests and development issues.

You can set the business impact of a ticket when submitting via our Help center web form in CloudTalk admin (requires login). However, CloudTalk reserves the right to reclassify the priority level at any time if we reasonably believe the classification is incorrect. Reclassifications are almost exclusively used in situations where a ticket is submitted as Priority 1, but the situation contradicts the Priority 1 definition – usually a non-production setup issue, or how-to question. CloudTalk team members may also increase the priority level if the situation is deemed to be more urgent than originally reported. If you do not choose a priority level when you create a ticket, the ticket will default to Priority 3.


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