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Enrich CloudTalk with hundreds of popular online tools through integrations. Read the blog to find out more. 

Integromat overview

Integromat is like the glue of the internet. It’s a visual builder that helps you automate any online task. 

It allows you to connect to various online applications, further lets you initiate calls, send notifications, update contact details and offers hundreds of other possibilities.

 By using Integromat, you effortlessly move data between apps and automate workflows. Thus, you can visualize, design, and automate your tasks in minutes.

By syncing CloudTalk with Integromat, you will be further able to connect to the most popular tools from various fields like CMS, CRM, customer support, billing, eCommerce, HR, marketing, productivity, and many more. 

For every inbound or outbound call, you can set up a trigger. You can send an email to a customer, add a row in Google Sheets, raise a ticket in one of your favorite Helpdesk, or update contact information in your CRM. 

Why to integrate Integromat with CloudTalk

One of the greatest advantages – CloudTalk + Integromat integration allows you to create triggers whenever something happens in your CloudTalk. CloudTalk currently allows you to use two options:

A new call as a trigger –  when this is used as a trigger, call information like phone numbers, agent, call duration, call tags, call notes, links to a call recording can be used to log into your system. 

A new contact as a trigger – you can use this when a CloudTalk contact is being created /updated. It will log relevant contact data like name, phone number, email, company, etc. Typically, this trigger is used in order to synchronize your CloudTalk contacts to the 3rd party system of your choice. 

Here are some more examples of how you can make the best use of this integration:

  • Create a call log in Google Sheets for every call you made and received in CloudTalk
  • Create or update a contact in Highrise from a call registered within CloudTalk
  • Get a push notification in Pushbullet for every new voicemail you received within CloudTalk
  • Create or update a contact in your CRM or helpdesk system. 
  • Make Zendesk tickets from new CloudTalk calls
  • Create a new ActiveCampaign deal for calls you receive in CloudTalk

How to setup CloudTalk + Integromat integration

Visit our available templates and start automating your daily workflows. Alternatively, you can use our custom-built templates and choose the one that works best for you.

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