Internal Phone Number Tags

Internal Contact Titles: Keep Your Phone Numbers Organized

Your customers are solving many different issues. It can be hard for agents to anticipate which department they’ll be speaking to and how they can help best.

Make your agents’ lives easier. Boost their ability to personalize by assigning internal contact titles to different phone numbers tied to the same company.

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How Do Internal Contact Titles Work?

Internal Contact Titles let you add names to the various phone numbers associated with a given customer, call center, or e-shop. In practice, your agents will see the assigned name whenever their phone rings. Consequently, they’ll be able to better anticipate the caller’s needs and choose an appropriate course of action.

Why Should You Use Internal Contact Titles?

Better Contact Organization

By assigning a name to each phone number associated with a specific customer, you can have a better overview of their various departments and communication channels.

Improved Personalization Opportunities

By allowing agents to anticipate the particular caller’s needs, they can prepare their course of action accordingly and provide the best customer service possible.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Knowing who’s calling lets you save both your and the customer’s time, allowing them to instantly get the help they need and solve their issues faster.

Boosted Efficiency

Assign Contact Titles to each customer to allow your Customer Service Team to quickly allocate tasks, streamline their workflow, and reduce wait times.

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What are Internal Contact Titles?

It can be difficult for agents to predict which department they’ll be speaking with and how they can best help. Increase their capacity by assigning names to the various phone numbers linked with a certain client, call center, or e-commerce site.

When the phone rings, your agents will see the allocated name. As a result, they will be in a better position to anticipate the caller’s needs and select a suitable course of action.

What are the advantages of using Internal Contact Titles?

Assigning a name to each phone number linked with a particular customer lets you gain a more comprehensive understanding of their departments and communication routes.

Furthermore, by allowing employees to anticipate the specific caller’s demands, they may plan their course of action accordingly and give the highest level of customer care.

Finally, knowing who is calling you helps save both your and the customer’s time and provides the assistance required to solve problems quickly and professionally.

How can I set up a contact tag system for internal use?

You have two options for assigning names to the phone numbers of your contacts. The first method is to modify the Internal Contact Title in your List of Phone Numbers by choosing “Details” and entering the appropriate information. You can also alter the names of phone numbers in the Call Flow Designer by clicking the settings symbol next to a number.

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