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Delivering quality flooring via one simple, full-service platform.


MyFlooring allows customers to get a variety of flooring styles from the comfort of their own homes. Sample delivery, flooring installation scheduling, low price guarantee and a lifetime warranty. A process that’s easy and convenient, from start to finish—making customer service paramount to success.


With an offering of superior quality, MyFlooring garnered an immediate strong following. The company needed to act fast and provide an excellent customer experience despite the growing demand.

It quickly became clear that the missing piece was intelligent phone software integration with the existing systems. And while there are many cloud-based VoIP service providers out there, MyFlooring needed one that could bridge the gap between a significantly wide variety of systems (CRM, helpdesk solution, etc).

MyFlooring Customer Story

Enter CloudTalk

Evolving from a startup to an established player and having tested out two phone system providers, MyFlooring was dissatisfied with insufficient integration and a below-par user interface. Among other requirements, the company needed a phone system that could be accessed from any device.

In short, the MyFlooring team was ready to link up with a top-rated phone solution, and they threw the ball to CloudTalk. Our experts were tasked with tackling synergy and automation, working closely with the CRM system Pipedrive to perfect its integration—giving MyFlooring’s sales associates the visibility needed to make the most out of every customer interaction.

The key requirements for the new software were clear:

  • Cross-platform: The MyFlooring sales team needed to be able to access all sales tools on any platform or device. No delays, no complications.
  • Intuitive interface: Not having to worry about the level of the sales team’s tech skills was a must. The team wanted an easy-to-use system. Grab a phone, make a call, take care of business. That’s it.
  • Better customer experience: With an abundance of tools, features and software that provide seamless customer experience, MyFlooring wanted the best of the best.
MyFlooring Customer Story


CloudTalk has become MyFlooring’s primary way of connecting with existing and potential customers. Our services are utilized every minute of every day by the entire team. No matter how you slice it, there is nothing like a human voice on the other end of the line.

In the dynamic hustle of a sales associate’s day, it is essential to have all information unified and easily accessible at all times. This is the foundation of exceptional customer interaction.

Dates, times, messages, recordings — all right there whenever needed. MyFlooring can now maximize the benefits of utilizing geographically-focused phone numbers to serve its markets. Having the ability to manage everything in a highly configurable way has swiftly proven invaluable.

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Essential CloudTalk benefits

  • Business hours: Customer concerns always flawlessly addressed while allowing associates to live full and productive lives outside of work.
  • Personalization: Hearing an agent’s greeting asking to leave a voicemail is an extra touch that repeatedly gets great feedback. Goes a long way in building a human connection.
  • Customization: Being able to granularly control call routing rules is crucial for any growing team.
Shawn wilson customer story

Dr. Shawn Wilson

CEO of MyFlooring

Shawn is passionate about product quality and excellent service. He is a high-energy executive with cross-functional experience throughout the home improvement industry.

MyFlooring’s top CloudTalk features

  • Integration with Pipedrive: Automates the tracking of activities and deals for MyFlooring’s sales team and allows the management team to build reports that measure key metrics.
  • Geographic phone numbers: Allows the sales team to route the incoming calls from designated regions to the right agent.
  • Call recording: Allows the sales team to automatically make a recording of all calls and listen to the recordings anytime, anywhere.
  • SMS/Text messages: With text messages, the sales team is able to send customers personal messages and general notifications, as well as useful follow-ups to prospects.

At CloudTalk, we’re always excited to hear our customer stories. If you need help with any of the above-mentioned business issues (or anything else we have the power to optimize), we’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

Setting up a cloud phone system that is remote ready has never been easier. 


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