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CloudTalk Outbound call center using VOIP technology

Call center for your sales

Increase the success rate of your telemarketing sales campaigns.

Our predictive dialer feature for active call centers will boost performance of your agents. Once the call is over, the agent is automatically moved on to the next prospect. No more manual dialing means increase in productivity by 150 - 400%.
CloudTalk Active Call Center with intuitive admin interface

System with world's leading call center features based on real data

Gathering customer data allows you to make smart data-driven decisions on which clients to target in your next campaign.

  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Call scripts and questionnaires for efficient and successful campaigns
  • Functionalities can be flexibly adjusted based on your needs and preferences
  • History of calls, orders and tickets displayed in customer details
  • Call recording to increase quality of your services. Analysis of recordings from previous campaigns will improve targeting of your next campaign
  • Listen to call recordings online in your internet browser anywhere and anytime
  • Latest VoIP technologies
  • Compile your own contact database and filter potential target groups based on relevant criteria

Seamless connection with external CRM systems

CloudTalk API will easily link your active call center with external systems. Our clients usually use system integrations to automatically import campaign results or call recordings. You can also download raw data on calls, agents and campaigns for further processing and analysis. CloudTalk gives you all these opportunities, all in one place.

CloudTalk Active Call Center - Real-time callback, questionnaire, and customer information while calling

Integrate your active call center software with 500+ tools

CloudTalk can be easily and quickly integrated with your favorite CRM, e-commerce and helpdesk tools. Your agents will see all customer data displayed in one place, so they can be well-informed before the next call and have more productive outcome. VoIP technology creates better call experience.

CloudTalk can also be linked to any IT system through our CloudTalk API.

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Focus on what really matters.
Our active call center system will decrease the abandoned call rate and improve sales of your products or services.

Call Recording

CloudTalk can automatically make a recording of all calls. Once the call ends, you can listen to it directly from your internet browser anywhere and anytime. Improve customer interactions by monitoring your team’s calls.

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Agent reporting

A simple access to agent statistics directly in CloudTalk to help you improve your customer service and rank each agent based on their performance.

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Call statistics

Track the performance of your call center. CloudTalk is a truly data-based system. Complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place. Make smart decisions based on relevant data.

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Create a campaign with call scripts and questionnaires and let your agents focus on the calls. You can monitor the campaign in real time and if necessary, make necessary adjustments to make it even more efficient.

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Predictive dialer

Predictive dialer allows you to increase efficiency and the number of calls you make. When an agent is available, CloudTalk automatically dials the next call in line.

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